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Hi great hivers,
Thank God is another mid of the week called Wednesday. I'm delighted to participate in the week 08 edition 02 of the contest organised by this beautiful community. I hope and trust that all of us are doing great.

The subject for this discussion is very good and timely as far as am concerned. Let us preview the topic again thus;

Every country has an inflow of tourists every year, even though it is only a little. Tell us about the place that is worth visiting in your country. And if your country is a bubbling tourist destination or not.

Tourism is vital to the development of any nation or country. Aside the attraction and beauty it brings to people, there are other salient points to note which includes but not restricted to employment opportunities, source of income, educational purposes, recreational activities etc. As a matter of fact, what makes some nation seems undeveloped is a result of negligence to the area of tourism especially in Africa.


In my country Nigeria, tourism has been given a little attention however certain game reserves has been upgraded to national parks which includes Gashaka Gumti national park, we have Yankari National park located at Bauchi State, Kainji National park located in Niger State, Chad Basin Park situated in Borno State, cross River park, kamuku National park and Okomu national park just to mention a few. Some of thesebparks have wild animals and good economical trees.
Apart from the aforementioned, there are so many other tourist areas across the country that causes an inflow of reputable individuals yearly and monthly. Some of these areas are local hence lacked national recognition however they have a lot of attraction.


  • snapshot besides waterfalls with my phone

There is a place which I had the privilege to visit and saw for my self. It has a good serenity with security personnel station strategically. The weather is chilly. Beautiful ladies with natural endowment. It has natural waterfalls which attracts even the federal government to site University of tourism at that village. There's a dam that can generate electricity for the entire community though the government is working out modalities in achieving that. Marhai is under Farin Ruwa development area of Nasarawa state.
Hmm I was amazed when I saw the calibre of personalities visiting the place, I knew that in few years to come the whole world will encamped there.

Snapshot with my phone


I'm envisioning my country and Africa at large to be a centre of tourism in the whole world. With the availability of natural resources both human and nonhuman.
I sincerely appreciate your kind gesture in visiting my blog. God bless you.

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