24hours as a Santa Claus

It's another moment to participate in the weekly contest of the third edition in week thirteen. Kudos to all the consistent management.

The focus is quite interesting though I took time to ponder on what Santa Claus does etc.
Overtime, I use to see children during Christmas celebration going out to see Santa Claus and they will come back rejoicing not empty handed but with some beautiful gifts. Hmmm Santa Claus normally gives out gifts. I will be benevolent to so many people but I will mention few names.

Becoming a Santa Claus for one day which is also equivalent to 24hours means a lot owing to the fact that all the gifts I need to dash people had been adequately supplied.
Being a Santa Claus in another way means act of showing love not only theoretical or mere say but with some practical steps. Therefore what I'll do as a Santa Claus is to ensure that the five persons am about to mention enjoy and physically feel what real love is. Love is impartial and ought not to be shared on only few individuals but these five is a template to more to come.

I will like to give gift to @hivedeb. I will give her poultry accessories. This will go a long way to help in setting up her business and of course boost the mini farm. Not just that I think mobility is very important. I will give her a car which would serve for commercial and private use. A beautiful rose and wrist Watch will be nice for her too.

Out of the abundance supply received I will give @nkemakonam a little grant. I know her business needs a quantum leap. It will also resuscitate other potent ideas she has been nursing to become a reality. It won't be out of place to give her Christmas gown with to match purse and shoes red colour.

As Santa Claus, hmmm @adaezeinchrist I will give you a rechargeable mobile speaker. This will help to amplify your voice especially when you want to reach out to other accelerated areas. In addition some freebies like biscuits,sweets to spice up your Christmas celebration.

@niglys the 24hours Santa Claus will give you a new digital printing machine that will help you in your designing work and do some work for me too. A bottle of perfume and handkerchief because I know is sunny around that area and must ladies like cleaning their faces.

Finally my gift goes to my kids charis and dzubhu. They are wonderful. Audiovisual learning aid won't be bad for them. Building block, animal tales etc. My son likes biscuits, sweet and some toys.



I would not mind to be a Santa Claus always not just for day.

@ fasacity

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