I'm still trying to figure out my natural talent!!

Some people are blessed with hidden talent without learning, known to be as "Natural talent" or "God gifted talent".

Some are gifted with singing
quality, some are gifted with dancing quality, some people have an intelligent mind from the beginning. other than that many other skills are gifted to humans but if they polish their gift then they become perfect.

When such people begin to expose their natural talents, they realize that this is what they are made for.


I did not see the God-gifted quality anywhere in me from childhood till now. I have to work hard for everything. I remember my classmates in school used to be very intelligent, they did not work hard, where I took four hours to prepare a test, my friends memorized the test in an hour. I was a hard worker and sometimes I would sit for whole day to prepare my test. And when the test results came, my marks were average and those people were first without hardworking. My teachers often called my parents that I was not studying. My mother used to scold me at home. And at that time I used to think that I was not getting the reward for my hard work. Despite working all day and night, I was still an average student.

Sometimes I used to complain so much to Allah that He would have made me a little wiser.😅

I was very fond of drawing but this quality was not God gifted in me. I used to make even a small drawing with great effort. Yes, of course, I had cleanliness in my hands, people considered it as God-gifted. But if it was truly a God-gifted quality, I would have been far more successful in this field. But here too I have seen myself failed.

Sometimes I think that if there is one single gifted quality I see in me, it is honesty, speaking truth. Is honest/ above-board really a God-gifted quality? People get beaten up for telling lies but I got beaten up a lot for telling the truth.😅
Once my brother's laptop slipped from my hand and broke and then no one saw me and I could escape by lying to everyone. When everyone asked who broke this laptop, I told that it was broken by me. I was also slapped by my mother.

My article is also very simple. As other's article is very high level, mine has not reached that stage yet. I remember when I was a kid, an essay in our book had three categories, Easy, Standard and Outstanding. Also, when I read other people's articles, I see other people's articles out standing range and my article seems to be in easy category. haha

I don't have a good memory, I don't have any good skills, I don't have good luck, so I don't have that kind of God-gifted quality that is found in everyone. I am an ordinary girl who has reached this stage through hard work.

Maybe it took me time to find this quality in myself. Or maybe it just didn't exists to me. Anyways, I'm happy who I am.💕

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