Hello everyone, welcome once again to my blog and to another powerful edition of the hive learner weekly contest with the question (if am given 15 minute to speak in the public what will I say)

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There are times we feel empty and hopeless due to the circumstances surrounding our lives, some of us have given up on the dream and passion we had for when we started that particular project, some of us see ourselves as failure already. While some live in confusion of the decision to take in life. While some are backsliding from the right track because they are not too sure of what they are doing
Some of you might have given up on your education because you don't have funds to continue while some after graduation regret that they never went to school because there is no employment opportunity.

I want to tell you there is greatness in you, it don't matter your educational qualification, it don't matter your background there is a good thing in you, god did not create you to be limited my anything on earth, your life should not be defined by the situation around your life rise up and do something, if you are not lucky to go to school it fine learn trade, education is not what makes b\people successful but determination and diligent is what makes men successful, if you are selling groundnut do it well, if you are fashion designer, hair stylist, mechanic, barber whatever you find yourself doing do it well

seethe thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; not stand before mean men. (Proverbs 22:29)

If you have been lucky enough to go the university and maybe after your graduation you haven’t seen a better job sorry, I know you were told that education is the key to success but my dear it hard work instead, graduating from the university is enough for you to come out and make a living for yourself, let me quickly tell you that your fees in the university is enough to pay for trade learning, so if someone learn a skill and free he/she is expected to make a living from the skill he/she acquire likewise the person that graduated from the university you are expected to also earn a living from what you study in school, if what you learnt in school can not apply to solving problem or you can use the knowledge you gain in school to start up something for yourself then you did waste your time.

What you lean should apply to life, whether nursing, education course, agriculture, engineering, you should be able to apply the knowledge and start up something. There is greatness in you start from where you are now, don’t wait for government to give you job, if they do it’s a good thing but if they don’t, start up something for yourself, while you waits for that grant that was promised by government start something, while you wait for your dad/mom to open that business for you start up something there is a might in you, you are full with potentials and you will not be able to know until you start engaging them

There is a greatness in you!!!!

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