hl-w47e2: my "déjà vu." Experience

Hello everyone,

I glad to participate in this week contest hl-w47e2 after a long while now due to the fact that my phone was in a bad condition and glad I fixed it and am back fully.

Let me quickly make my contribution to this week's topic: "déjà vu."

There are times this feeling comes and it's feels usual and back then when I was still a little girl I thought it's was my imagination, I thought something was wrong with me, it is use to be something I can't explain sometimes because it's seems strange telling someone something that you don't have valid proof and the next minute the thing will just happen I don't know if anyone can relate.



This feeling makes me look different from others, my extended family still can't figure it out, sometimes it's feel like I have a pre knowledge of what I am are currently doing, one I can't forget in a hurry is playing drums, this is something I have not learn before and as lady it really weird, one of the Sunday in my church the drummer all decided to come late and the service was boring, I just let me try I myself was surprised how I played the drum skillful, people marvered to me it was stranged because I have never learn it from somewhere, I just imagine how the play and I did it.

Let me share with you my second experience. This was something I still can't explain, a feeling of such feelings known as "déjà vu." It looks quite strange and how it's happening is still unexplained, most times when this feeling comes it and I will tell people how I feel it makes you look strange.

One of the he Christmas i and my family we traveled to the village for holding, and my uncle's and auntie also came with their children, so it was a full family having fun together, then one of the days it wind was blowing, since it was the harmattan season everything was dry the wind was just fall down things, and this strange feeling came i told my grandma that the palm trees close to the house will fall, everyone was laughing and making fun out of it and suddenly the palm trees fell and destroy our hud house kitchen very one was in great fear, the little ones were crying. It brought fear, the ground was shaking. After the incident my extended family members still can't figure it out, but in all I thank God no life was lost.



Many other case like that some comes out negativity and back then I use to think I'm the reason to bad thing happened to the person, but still don't understand why we have this déjà vu feelings

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