Will Four Months Be Enough?

Will Four Months Be Enough?

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If you permit me, I would love to say the year ran faster than it is supposed to and if it is possible, we should take it back and start afresh. LOL! Honestly, time really flies, Just a few months ago we were celebrating the new year and here we are almost coming to the end of the year. Well, it is a good thing, "Everything that has a beginning also has an end" as it is said. And I believe that the end is better than the beginning.

But I am serious about this, If it were possible for me to take back the hands of time so that I can achieve some of my goals both in hive and in the physical world, I would gladly embrace it but unfortunately there isn't. It's life, we move ahead and not backward.

I have so many goals that I have not yet achieved on hive but the most important one that kept ringing In my head is building my hive power. Honestly, It breaks my heart each time I check my wallet and see how lean my hive power has become. This is something I was hoping to have raised to at least 1000 plus before the year runs out but it's just somewhere around 400 hundred.

I had to power down sometime this year and even recently to settle some important bills, and to be frank if I wasn't having that hive power, I wonder what would have become of me now, especially for the recent powering down, it really saved my ass. Well, for the first powering down, I did that to get a new phone. The one I was using before had a problem. So I thought instead of spending money to get it fixed, I rather sell it out and add more money to get a new one because I have been spending so much on the phone on repairs since I got it.

I am happy I now have a new phone to work on hive without any stress but I am also sad because it drained my hive power. There is no gain without a sacrifice. I know that I will be back on my feet soon by God's grace.

Do You Think The Remaining Four Months Is Enough For You To Achieve Your Goal

The truth is I can't really tell, we know how the chain works, and getting upvotes is not really guaranteed to anyone. I read a post from mercysugar sometime back and she said, "To get upvotes is by luck" I think I agree with her to some extent. But don't get us wrong, the platform is really doing us well, and the curators and communities are really trying too. I don't know the exact number of people on hive Blockchain but ensuring that almost everyone goes with a vote even if is not big is not easy.

So, considering all these things, honestly, I don't think four months are going to be enough for me to achieve my goal nevertheless, I will put in my best and give it my best shot. Who knows? I might hit the target.

Just How Much Can You Achieve Within Four Months?

A lot can be achieved within four months if we remain consistent and hardworking. I can really achieve a lot if my luck shines, coupled with hard work. It's possible, I have seen it in the lives of some people on the chain. Just six months on hive and they are already at 68 reputation with a good hive power. But I can't really say specifically this is how much I can achieve for now.

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