Trying Times Turns Out To Be Blessings

Trying Times Turns Out To Be Blessings

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One thing I learned early in my life is how to embrace good times and how to face trying times. Life is very mysterious, it's not everything that happens to us that actually comes to destroy us, some are actually blessings in disguise. As humans we despise hard times, We hate any time that seems to be like failure with passion and that is very good but the truth is, if we don't cross paths with certain kinds of failures, we may never really become what we are supposed to be.

I was watching The Flash (2023) recently, Flash was driven by emotions, he has been depressed ever since his mom died mysteriously and his father was accused of being the murderer. The man got jailed and was waiting for his trial at the court.

You know the feeling of losing both parents, Flash started thinking of ways to set his father free from prison. One of those days he discovered that he could travel back in time and he was so excited because he knew that he could actually fix things, prevent his mom from dying, and also prevent his dad from being jailed.

He related his plans with his friend, expecting to get his approval but his friends kicked against it and left him with these words "None of us would have been where we are today, if we had all we needed. He narrowed it down to himself and said if his parents were alive he wouldn't have become the Batman because they were very rich and what else would he be looking for? But when his parents died, he was triggered to become who is he, the pains pushed him out to prevent others from experiencing what he experienced. He concluded by saying, something is better left the way they are."

I understood from this movie that fate has its way of giving life to the potential that is buried in us. It's just so unfortunate that the process is not a pleasant one. Pleasure doesn't bring anything other than make us relaxed, but fear the power of pain.

Back To Me

I have had a lot tough of experiences that look like a disadvantage but along the way, I realized that they were tools set on my path to transform my life.

Firstly, coming from a poor background is one of the things I considered an obstacle on my path. Living a kind of life where you can only desire to have some things but never get them, see the parents of others giving them all they ever needed but yours often tell you" Bear with me, I do not have much in my possession for now", sometimes, even money for school becomes a problem, I believe many of us here had a similar experience and you can tell how frustrating those things can be.

Ideally, these things are supposed to weigh me down, discourage me, and throw me off the lane but you see, those trying times, those moments of lack taught me contentment, patience, love, and forbearance, and spurred me to take my life seriously. We have to share whatever we have in love. While others are given what they need, life taught us how to get those things for ourselves. As a young person understanding that it's not in every house that you find bread on the table, in some houses you need to go and hunt those breads for yourself, will save you from a lot of embarrassment and keep you on course in the journey of life.

I am who I am today because of what my experience taught me. Sometimes I wonder what I would have become if I had all I needed while I was growing up. Probably, I would not be anything near to this. Who knows the kind of lifestyle that I would have been into now? But you see when you wake up from your bed and you remember that what you eat is your responsibility, you have no one to give you a penny, if you work you are safe if you continue to lie, you are on your own, be set to sleep on an empty stomach. When you see responsibilities looking directly into your eyes and you know that no good shepherd anywhere would come to assist you, you would double up your effort, and trust me that's what process wants for you because if you lack such, you may be limited in life.

Some years back, my dad passed on and things became even worse, I never knew what it meant to be a man until he passed away. Death is a very big disadvantage, right? We all don't like it, I hate it too. But do you know that if certain people that passed on, were still in our lives, we might not really be where we are today? Though times make people strong, they have the inherent ability to evolve you into a better version of yourself. Don't dread anything that happens to you in life, no matter how bad it might look don't give up, just keep following processes.

Honestly speaking if my father was still alive, I would have been very lazy and probably still be dependent to date but when he died, I had to learn how to start hunting for myself and my siblings. I became something I am proud of. His death really hurts me but it was what shaped me into the person you see today and by God's grace, I know there is a great tomorrow awaiting me.

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