The Job I Will Never Do Again

The Job I Will Never Do Again


If not because of the predicament, a lot of jobs are not worth it at all. Being raised on the street, life forced us to have first-hand experience in different jobs. Some which we enjoyed and some we despise to date.

One thing, I keep telling those around me is, that no matter how terrible our experience might be, it didn't just come to rob us but to transform our lives for good. Today is our local market day, I and friend was craving for sugar cane so we decided to go in and get some to quench our appetites. On our way inside, I saw a young guy of my age pushing goods on a wheelbarrow for people, for money. Quietly, within I appreciated God for my life, I know I am not where I wanted to be but at least my condition is not the worst one.

I can imagine the stress the guy is going through and the painful part is the payment is very little. we need to start being thankful for the little we have, if you see someone's condition, you will know that you are enjoying it. Pushing a wheelbarrow might be embarrassing but it's better off than stealing from someone or even begging.

See where trials of life can take men. Many things to do for the cash in order to survive. No one has an excuse to rob anyone, there are different jobs everywhere for us to earn from even though they may pay little or look low. One thing most of us forget quickly is no condition is permanent for those who are resilient. Starting small is not evil, in fact, it's a very good ground for a Start.

Back To Me.

That one job I will never do, no matter how good the pay is, is sales clerk. My God the last time I did that job, I saw hell. Not that the job is bad, but when you fall into the hands of the wrong boss, your life is finished. I have been to several shops around here and I see how most bosses turn their workers into slaves, seeing them with no regard, as though they are not humans.


Peace of mind is one of the basic things I consider before taking any job at all. I can't work in a place where, I am not being appreciated, where any move I take is observed and I am being scolded like a child. I am not saying a correction is wrong, no! In fact, the bible encourages us to "spoil the child and spare the rod". Nevertheless, we are humans and adults for that matter, there is such a way that you can correct a person calmly that will make the person even shed tears and apologize.

I know it's not everyone that is harsh but majority of the shops I see around have harsh bosses who make their workers very uncomfortable, coupled with my experience, there is nothing anyone can tell me. Some people just love showing off, they want to be treated like small gods. We are all humans, you have the fortunes you have because God showed you mercy. It's not a yardstick for you to treat others like slaves simply because they are working under you.

My last experience experience being a salesboy really dealt with my life. In fact, I have not fully recovered from the trauma, give me any job but you see working in a shop for someone, even if you will give me millions I won't take it.

Apart from the unwelcoming attitudes of many bosses, the stress involved in the job is also enormous. I know teaching is stressful, but if I am given a teaching job that pays 10,000 naira and a sales boy job that pays 20,000 monthly, I would joyfully go for teaching. At least I will have time for myself at the end of the day but for a sales clerk, you have to go to the shop from 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday come on, that is too much. One wouldn't even have time for himself.

However, don't get me wrong, some bosses are good, we are weirdly different, I have done the same work with someone and I enjoyed it. I am not painting the job black, it's a very good job just that with my schedule I can't survive it currently. For the harsh bosses, if we want to enjoy life we need to be loyal. We will come across different people in our journey in life, we just have to learn how to relate with them, if we really want to succeed. The pains and the suffering will not last for life. As the saying goes, a patient dog eats the fattest bone. There are opportunities we need not allow to slip out of our hands, some insults and bad words should be overlooked for the sake of what we are after. Some day, it will be a bygone.

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