Renewed Hope : Taking Politics To The Next Level

Renewed Hope: Taking Politics To The Next Level

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Whenever I hear people say "Politics is a dirty game", I'm pained to the core. This is something that even the Bible approves of how come we are running away from it? I know that people who are into politics are mostly individuals who are willing to do anything and go any length to achieve their ambition but that doesn't mean the game is evil.

It's almost like the saying "This world is wicked", but if you check it closely, you will discover that it is the people in the world that are wicked but the world itself is clean. We allowed what we heard about politics to corrupt our hearts on the game.

We allow those with evil hearts to be the head of the game and we go each day lamenting that we have a bad government. Leadership is for everyone, it's not supposed to be only for the rich or those who have connections alone. The earlier we clear our minds concerning seeing politics as a dirty game the better for all of us.

I don't think I have ever participated in any political affairs apart from voting for those I want into power. And that started during last year's election. I got fed up with the kind of government we have and decided to take a bold step to participate in politics. Although, it didn't all go well due to rigging and the rest I was so happy that I played my role as a citizen.

If I should have an opportunity to pursue a political career, I will not hesitate to take it. I love politics so much, although I don't like the kind of testimonies I hear about most politicians and I am also scared because we grew up with the mentality that if you must occupy any political office, you must be ready to enter a deal with the devil or else be prepared to remain stagnant or even die young.

A few years ago, a very young guy contested for the position of our local government chairman and won, we were all happy because he was someone who feared God and didn't take nonsense, a few months after entering the office, he started transforming my local government. Things started taking shape and everyone was praising him.

One fateful, day we heard that he was having a meeting with his cabinets and he slumped, and that was it, Mr Emmanuel died the next day. After his death, there were different talks coming out, some said "It was his assistant" and some said, "It was the people whom he retrieved government properties from". According to those who work in the local government, when he was taken to the hospital, the doctor said he couldn't trace what was really wrong with him.

Things like this scare people from politics, myself as well, but if we say we would continue to fold our arms and watch those whom we feel are capable financially, spiritually, and physically alone to do politics, we may keep waiting for a good government for long and not have any.

So, If I get any slight opportunity to go into politics, I will take it regardless of the risk. It's time we kick away those self-centered people from the government and change the story but one thing that keeps ringing in my heart is, how sure am I that I won't be corrupted along the line too? To be honest, I don't have an answer for that yet.

What Ills Will I Change

The first thing on my mind is election rigging. It happens almost everywhere in the world, the masses would go through so much pressure and risk their lives to vote for their choice but at the end of the day, those in higher places will manipulate things and turn it the other way around.

One of the things that kept us stuck in Nigeria as a nation is the issue of election rigging. Eligible candidates are thrown aside even if they win and the crooked ones are given out to us. The citizens are not different from slaves, all the rights we have are only on paper but in reality, we have none.

They preach free and fair elections but there has never been anything like that to date. If I should get my way into politics, this is the first thing I must ensure I do away with, let the people's vote count. If you win fine, if you don't, kindly go and wait for another season because your money will not do anything for you where I am.

Eradication of political tickets : I am not so sure how legit this information is but I heard that the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) in Nigeria, sells presidential form for 100 million Naira. I am not so sure how true that information is but imagine it is true, how would those who are not rich but have good qualities of a leader be able to get that form?

Isn't that another form of trick to prevent the poor from going into power? If I should be in power, I will ensure that no form is sold at all, Instead, each party would be given a unique way to bring out good candidates. This issue of using money everywhere in politics is the reason why many politicians embezzle money when they are in power because I can't spend such an amount of money and you will expect me to go without making a profit.

Elimination Of Promise and fail : We tag most politicians in Nigeria as liars because most of them only come and fill our ears with sweet words during campaigns but as soon as they are given power, they turn their back on us. I would ensure that manifestos are not taken for granted, if you can't execute don't promise.

Light needs to shine upon politics again, the people have lost hope in politics because it's full of lies and wickedness. Ideally, we are supposed to feel relieved whenever we elect people of our choice but nowadays, we do those things for doing sake because we know that not all of them will remember our deeds in the long run.

A politician is supposed to be an example for others to follow, he or she is supposed to be light and hope to the people and not a discouragement. These are just but a few things I would love to eradicate if I should be able to find myself in politics someday.

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