My Take On Reincarnation

My Take On Reincarnation

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If reincarnation was something possible with humanity a lot of people would have terminated their current lives before it ends naturally in order to access the other one.

Most individuals would love to be reincarnated to escape certain things they used to pass through in their former lives. I know for many of us who are from Nigeria, a great percentage of us will not like the idea of coming back this way anymore.

However, I want us to know that He who created us is full of wisdom and knows why he placed us wherever we are. Most of us may say, in the next life, I want to avoid all the mistakes I made, some may say I will ensure I grab all the opportunities I missed, and many other good reasons will be brought forth if the question should be brought forth. But do you know that , it is with God's knowledge that we are in this very life, in this form, status, country, and whatever we are currently?

It was all planned, it was never by mistake, and all the things we were passing through were also planned. You might be seeing some of your difficult times as a disadvantage but if you had not gone through them you wouldn't have had some experience you are having today.

If I am to be reincarnated, I would love to return to the same life I am living right now, come from the same family, the same nationality, and the same gender. Oh, yes! I know that life has been very difficult for me in this current life but trust me I prefer it to any other one that I don't know anything about.

I know the kind of battles I have already fought in this very life that I am living already, I know the plans I have on the ground and the experiences I have, at least I am acquainted with the weaknesses my current body has and I know how to tackle them. I know to know some extend where this very life is heading to but for an entirely new one, i dont know anything about it.

If I should come out to another country, who knows if the disciples I have set around my life would be there again? Different countries different lifestyles, what if I come out to a place where there is no proper training and I end up becoming a drug addict?

I would gladly choose to return to my former life, one thing we forget easily is the fact that all the things we dream for can be achieved any time, anywhere (environment) if only we will be deliberate with ourselves. It only takes a choice.

The person who says "The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know" was not a fool, he knows fully what he meant. We have already gone too far on this life, I think it's even an added advantage to have a second life on the same life because you know what you are living already. You will even have enough motivation to work harder because you are living with hope this time around.

What I will change about myself

Like I said, I really love who I am currently and except it is a must, else I wouldn't change anything about myself. Everything I have in this life was what came together to make me the man that I am, what if I change them in the next life and then become a weakling? I wouldn't change anything please, rather I would love to come forth advanced with double strengths compared to what I used to have.


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