I Can Never Forget This Day

I Can Never Forget This Day

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High school is full of fun and memories. I have had a lot of experiences because I attended about three different high schools. Those days I used to regret why I changed schools like that but now I appreciate it because I learned different things from each of them.

I got transferred to a new school after my SSS (senior secondary school). Although it was my choice, I got tired of my old school, I needed a new environment and my former school seemed to be adding school fees which eventually got beyond my parent's power.

At the new school, everything was strange, things looked different from what I expected them to be, but I managed to play along and I got used to it subsequently. My class happens to be the class of the finest girls in the school. One good thing about them is they are also very brilliant.

Naturally, I am someone who is not so comfortable with ladies, I had only one friend in the school, it is a male don't get your mind running to places. Those days I avoid everything that will create a scene. I try my best to just avoid embarrassing moments, especially in class, I guess you know why.

Since I came to the school for some weeks, my mates thought I was feeling too big to talk to them because they discovered I relate only with my friends. For that reason most of the pretty ladies were just waiting for the day I would fall into their hands.

I hate English classes as much as I hate mathematics. I don't know why some teachers find joy in exposing some of us. since they know that not everyone truly understands what they are teaching, some of us are just nodding our heads to fulfill all righteousness. they should show us some mercy at least but most of them derive pleasure in making us the topic of the day.

My mathematics teacher almost exposed me one of those days, when he was teaching and I was shaking my head as I understood with my eyes fixed on the board, this man said" Stand up, what is the product of so and so?" Oboy!! my heart skipped, After a while I was trying to answer him, and his time finished. He said next time we will continue ah! Such a narrow escape.

You will think I escaped completely right? This time around it was English class, I didn't know we were going to have reading comprehension. My whole life there is nothing I hate like reading publicly. When the teacher came in, he said everyone would read today. I thought he was joking until he started with the first person.

Hmm!! I kept praying for a miracle to occur but everywhere was shut that day. I was following line by line and counting the paragraphs and apportioning each to the next persons, then boom!! I stumbled on a word I had never seen in my life. I raised my head and checked, it was only a few persons that were left before it reached my turn. I continued praying for someone to read that part but my prayers failed me. The person before me almost read that place but the teacher said "Stop there. Emmanuel, continue ".

I felt like opening the ground, I read the portion I could and deliberately skipped the word to avoid embarrassment but the teacher said, "Read that portion again, you missed a word" I turned around and looked at the faces of the ladies in the class, I gathered courage and said "chaous." ( tʃ:aus) Lols everyone burst into laughter. The wicked man said "Repeat that word again"and I said "Chaous". After laughing at me, he said "It is chaos (/ˈkeɪɒs/) not chaous." Like the ground should open let me just enter and hide. Everyone laughed at me so badly that I stopped feeling embarrassed and I joined them.


What The Event Means To Me

The event taught me how to lower my pride and ask questions when I don't know a thing. I know that if I had told the teacher I don't know the word he would have pronounced it for me but pride won't let me. The good thing is, to date, that word is still fresh in my head. The moment was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life so far.

I earned the name chaous ( tʃ:aus) for a while until I put myself together worked hard and topped the class that term before my mates started respecting me again, if not they were all looking down on me. We should not be scared to make mistakes, people may laugh at us but those mistakes could be the reason why we rise from being ordinary to extraordinary. Terrible things don't happen to destroy us, they come most times to make us unearth that which was buried within us.

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