How I Want My Wedding To Be

How I Want My Wedding To Be

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Wedding is one of the things a lot of singles fantasize about so much especially women, hehe! I hope some single ladies are not picking stones to throw at me already. The truth is, that day is very special. A day that comes only once in a lifetime, It's very fair for us to fantasize about it, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it.

However, letting our widest imagination remain where it is and embracing realities is another thing. A lot of us have gotten it wrong about this wedding something, you hear people saying, my wedding should be the hottest in town, I must wear expensive clothes, I must do this, I must do that and then gradually, they slide into huge debts that will take them years to finish clearing.

A wedding is just for a day, in fact, it has nothing to add to your marital journey. Why then should we kill ourselves over something that doesn't even take up to 24 hours before it ends? We must learn to be wise, if we have what it takes for a big wedding, fine but if we don't have, let's do the one we can afford. Don't throw up a big wedding and start up a home with hunger attached with debts everywhere.

Back To Me

I know this might sound funny but my wedding is something I am planning to be very simple, I don't know how life might be then, but anyhow I find myself financially doesn't mean I am going to spend more than I can afford.

I am thinking of going in a native dress, if my woman wants to wear a wedding gown it's up to her but for me, that's what I want. I don't know what is it with this suit something that people kill themselves over. I want to be in something that I will be comfortable inside. If my friends desire to wear suits it is also up to them but for me, a suit is a no-go area.


There won't be anything like reception, as soon as we are done tying the knots, ushers will be ready with food and gifts by the door to distribute to people. If you have gifts too, you can drop them there with the ushers. I know my country's people can be smart, this is the reason why the ushers will be people I trust. If you have gifts you can bring them to my house if you don't feel comfortable dropping them off with the ushers, it's not a big deal.

The wedding rice and everything will be given to people as they walk out of the church, very simple. There won't be anything like getting a DJ (Disc Jockey), I don't have the energy to dance for anyone. When we are out we can snap all the pictures we want after which we vacate and everybody goes home.

I know it looks very boring but this is what I envision my wedding to look like, I don't want anything too loud. But the lady is where the problem lies. If I should find someone very understanding I would be very happy.

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