Helping Others With What I Have On Hive

Helping Others With What I Have On Hive


It is only a wicked and greedy person that will find something very beneficial that could transform both his life and that of others then choose to keep it only to himself. Although I won't blame some people for that because some people will make you regret ever showing them something that could transform their lives with their bad attitudes.

Since I found Hive a lot of things have changed about me, especially my financial life. If you have been following my blog, I believe you know that I am a teacher in a private primary school. Those of you in Nigeria already know what this means. It's just like doing voluntary work because if it's the salary that your eyes are on, trust me you will quit the job within your first month.

With that kind of job, to be honest, things have not really been good for me, see my needs, see responsibilities, see friends, and so on. But with hive today, I can say at least I can spend and even spare.

Seeing people grow is something i admire so much. I know how difficult things are for people. Having just one source of income isn't encouraging at all, i have been there and i know what i passed through. Those privileges that i have enjoyed from Hive Blockchain chain, i also want others to achieve same and even more. In that regard, i have been doing my best to see to it that i help those who are willing. Truth be told, if not that others have helped me i wouldn't be where i am today.

How I Have Been Using Hive To Help Others

On The Chain

I have onboarded about three persons if I am not mistaken, pardon me I won't mention their names for personal reasons. I know how much I have benefitted from Hive, giving someone the same opportunity is something I thought would be nice. I believe that in life, teaching someone how to fish for themselves is far better than giving them fish. This will save you both because when they are done eating the ones you gave them, they will still come back expecting more. But if they can fish, they will just have to head straight to the river and catch for themselves.

Well, I did what I could do as a friend but none of them is active on the chain today. I can't really tell what their reasons are but it's up to them. Although I feel so bad and at some point, I said I was not going to onboard anyone again because of what the previous ones did. There is no rush in life, it takes time and patience for things to come to reality. It hurts me how that people just want to get to the top overnight, things don't work that way.

Hopefully, I will get someone serious someday who would be patient enough to stay on the chain until he/she finds the hidden treasure there. I believe I will come across one and trust me when I do, I will pour all that I have into that person to ensure that he/she never regrets coming on board.

I also help promote good contents by upvoting, reblogging, dropping comments and making corrections where necessary. Sometimes even poor contents, the reason is i know no condition is permanent, if the person will be willing to improve, with the corrections available, he/she can pick up. By this, i know authors will be motivated to keep bringing the best out of them because they are being appreciated. Aside that, when i come across a newbie, i ensure i do my best to guide them if they are willing.

Outside Hive

Hive being a good source of income for me has done a lot not just for me but for my family and friends as well. If my friends are here they will testify how none of them come to me for help and go empty-handed if I should have what it takes to help them at the moment, unlike those days that I am always complaining. Those of you in Nigeria are familiar with Sub for me ( buy data), At least I am able to subscribe for those who I know are going to use it for good with my hive income.

There is always this kind of special joy that comes from being able to help people around especially those that are close to you. Responsibilities are annoying, but trust me when you have what to settle them with, you will love to see them coming.

The other part is my family, From my income I am able to buy foodstuff from time to time for my family and also see to it that I help my siblings settle some bills that are within my power.


This is how far I can go on this topic, hope you enjoyed reading it. See you around. Thank God it's Friday! Please enjoy your weekends and don't forget you are fully responsible for whatever outcome you get in life. Live well, plan well, and do what is always right. See you around*

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