The Transit I'll Never Forget

The Transit I'll Never Forget

Photo by Ono Kosuki

Inasmuch as I love to travel, I am also very scared of it because of the kind of roads and drivers we have down here in Nigeria. Most of our drivers are more concerned about making money than the comfort and lives of their passengers.

Most times when I am traveling, I prefer to board a Sharon and in the Sharon, I love the back seat because it only takes three people, as such you can be comfortable. Anytime I don't see Sharon, I lose my peace.

There was a time when I was working in Plateau State, my place of work was a bit far from where I reside, and there was nothing like bikes there, you either use a tricycle or board a car. Most people prefer to use a car because it is cheaper than a tricycle.

One fateful day, we closed very late, I was a bit angry about that because my place is far away and Terminus is usually dangerous in the evening. When I got to the park, I saw a few available cars but I ignored them for no reason and moved forward a bit, then suddenly I stopped a car after telling the driver where I was going, he asked me to come when I drew near, I saw two fat women in the back, and the front seat was already filled.

I asked the driver how much? so that I could discourage him with the kind of bargain I was going to do but guess what? He told me a lower price than I expected, who doesn't like a better thing? I quickly entered the car, greeted the women and I was asked to sit in between them because I have a small body.

In no time, I discovered I couldn't breathe well anymore, then I stopped feeling my legs, I made a little effort to turn to the right to no avail. Ideally, I expected that as I was making those moves the women would understand and at least sit in such a way that will make me comfortable a bit but none of them even acted like someone I was in their midst.

Instantly, I started sweating profusely, I told the driver to lower the glass and he did, but nothing changed. I had to start praying in my heart for God to help me because I was already seeing myself going out of this realm.

I wanted to complain to the driver but I thought why complain, how much did you even pay? Something I was given so much discount, and If I said the driver should drop me off, I would spend more money than expected and I wasn't having much, so I held my peace and patiently waited till we arrived at my junction.

After telling the driver to drop me off, the woman came down for me to come out of the car, immediately, I came outside, and I saw myself on the ground, both of my legs went numb like there was no blood inside. I managed to look for a small fence there and sat so that no one would notice, I didn't know those in the car already saw me, the driver was like what happened? I looked at him and I just burst into laughter.

I had to sit there for some minutes before I recovered my legs, since then, I vowed that I'll never enter any car that has fat people, even if it's for free, I rather patiently wait for the one that will give me comfort than to board a car that will make me look for pain reliever.

If you want to enjoy transit on public vehicles in Nigeria and have enough money, just pay for a seat or two for yourself, if not be prepared for the worst.

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