My proudest achievement that lives in me

At a point in life I believe there's always that moment that really brings joy in us where we are proud of what we've achieved regardless of how little it maybe but it is always something worth to be remembered in a lifetime.


I have numerous of moments to be proud of with the steps been taken to achieve something positive from it which when I look back am always grateful with the great decision and mission in achieving something good from it.

I came from a poor background which I have sometimes shared in my previous post and when I look how it was then compared to now I believe there is always a reason to give thanks since there is life and hope. I have always wanted to go to school in other to get a degree and work in a nice company but when I see the hardship been faced in the family it always hinders my mission in achieving such goal.

Having the desire to eradicate such idea of not going to school was one of the greatest step I took in achieving something great in my life despite not having the financial means of doing so, I took up the challenge to never give up in the process of going to school even when I know there wasn't any financial support any where but i had hope of doing it myself which I eventually did and am grateful for that till today.

Though it wasn't easy for me but I accomplish the mission of doing so. I was employed in an Indian company where I worked for three years and in that process I was able to save up to sponsor my self to school and at the same time help my family solve some financial issues at that time. Despite the struggle and hustle am proud to secure that certificate as a graduate in computer engineering Which was my aim and till today my mum also is proud of me because she didn't believe I would be able to accomplish such but did put it in prayers.

My other proudest achievement that I can't forget so soon was a tournament that I was made the best goalkeeper of the tournament which I wouldn't forget so soon though despite losing in the final am proud that my team made it that far and my appearance in the team was all luck but received the most praises in the team at the end of the tournament.

There was a competition that was held sometime ago where I was opportuned to be the first choice goalkeeper though I never expected it but it all came as a surprise and I didn't let anyone down. The competition happens to be my first major tournament and am proud to make it to the final and it was a win-win for me despite not winning the title.

The first choice goalkeeper that was selected for the tournament had a family issue that needed him to quit the tournament likewise the second choice goalkeeper had a serious injury in training two days to the tournament and there was no other choice than to replace me for them in the tournament despite not chosen before and it was a privilege to be part of the team.

During the tournament we were unbeaten throughout the group stages and knockout stages only to lose in the final by a goal to nil that made my team lose the title but despite losing, the team was proud of everyone especially me because I conceded only two goals in the tournament one in the last group game where we played 1-1 and the other in the final. This is a memory I wouldn't forget so soon and am proud to achieve an award at the end of it.

The last but not the least is my participation and consistency in the hive blockchain where I had the opportunity to never give up despite not receiving the rewards that may worth it. I find my way to struggle at first in other to catch up with other individuals in the blockchain but was kind of difficult for me so I stayed away for almost two years but coming back to the blockchain late last year have really generate a massive difference than when I started and am proud to maintain that consistency till today which I appreciate a lot.

Though it have not been easy but working towards it is a challenge that can keep you moving regardless of the obstacles that might occur, positive results will definitely back it up at the end.

@crosheille challenged me in my previous post about writing long content which am proud to say is something I can do as well because we learn everyday and improve in ourselves and with the hive blockchain creating that opportunity am proud to say it have helped me to boost that ideology of maintaining that stay in the blockchain which definitely am proud about and in that process I appreciate everyone delivering the good works as well in the blockchain which also is a good sign of progress and improvement.

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