Newbies Initiative Task 1 - My Hive Goals For the Next 3 Months

Hello dear friends, good night wherever you are. How are you tonight? May we all be in good health always. I'm so happy and so grateful to the @newbies-hive and @hivelearners team for deeming me worthy to be a part of this great initiative.

On this occasion I want to complete my first assignment given by @newbies-hive a few days ago. I will try my best because precious opportunities don't come twice. So I'm not going to waste it and hopefully whatever we plan will go according to plan.

What is your Hive goal at End of Initiative (Within 3 months) in terms of Hive Power, followers, comments & engagement and other Hive related goals?


In the next three months my target for Hive power is 500 Hive power and currently I have 140,255 Hive power. I know it will be difficult to chase 500, but if we try and stay consistent in our stance, I think we will achieve it.


My Hive reputation is currently at 59 and I want my reputation to reach 65 in the next three months.


In my opinion, followers are not very important because those who have become our followers do not necessarily support every work we make. So to support each other does not have to follow each other.


for now I already have 142 comments and 144 posts. In the future I will try to achieve more than the number I already have today. Hopefully in the next three months it will reach 500 posts and 2000 comments.

What are other Hive related goals?

Another goal related to hives is that I want to be a good photographer and be known by many people.

What challenges do you think you may likely face trying to attain these goals?

In every dream that we want to achieve, of course, we will get challenges that we must pass. Passing a challenge is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand, but if we focus, I think sooner or later we will definitely get it. The point is like this in achieving success "follow the flow of focus on one point".

The challenge I face right now is timing. Working time, caring for sick parents and looking for materials for photography. Sometimes I feel tired with all this, but I think again there is a big dream that I have to achieve.
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