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Week 44 was very exciting, and even no less exciting than the previous weeks, there were many participants who took part in the contest this week and as usual, there were many new participants who started writing in this contest. As you already know, in this contest we will discuss the atmosphere or feelings when you return to work after a long holiday. Of course there are many different opinions on this matter, and what is certain is that some are annoyed and some are happy to be reunited with work colleagues or classmates. Here I will also explain a little about my feelings when I returned to work after a long holiday, so let's check this out.


The long holiday is over even though the holidays are the most enjoyable times in our lives. The year-end holidays have ended a few weeks ago, and this time we will carry out our usual routine, work or go to school. Shops are back open, places and road access have also started to normal, to government agencies that are also operating properly, this indicates that we have to return to our normal activities and end the holiday period.

Some people also feel a sense of fun and there are also some of them who feel lazy to live their first day at work or at school. The first days of work do make us feel a little lazy, but for those of us who have separated from our body's routine, we will always do it happily. It is undeniable that going on vacation is something that is very desirable because during the holidays we relax time and so on. Starting a new day or a new season is really hard, but I have to carry it out and finish some unfinished work and I think the first year this year will be very hard for me


With the opening of several government agencies, city service centers, and so on, this marked the start of the routine as usual, including myself, and starting work in the first weeks did feel a bit heavy, but as the day went on it had become a habit and not I feel heavy because it has become my daily routine. On the one hand I also feel a little happy because I can meet my colleagues or friends at work and my friends at campus and as usual we create about our respective holiday moments.
In these first weeks my agenda is to solve some problems on campus related to my graduation day before last holiday. And in the next few weeks I will finish this thing and go back to my routine as usual.


Several public services have not been opened in the first days of work, but in the next few days they will also be serving their customers. Among them are several toll road accesses, administrative offices and a number of others, of course they are a few days late because they are updating their service sector and also the infrastructure that will be used in the next year. Some public transportation has even started operating earlier, moreover the rainy season in several areas in Indonesia has ended which makes the roads dry and activities can run smoothly.


For me, the new year must be started with a new spirit, a spirit that will last for the next year. Work or anything else, of course, must be carried out with enthusiasm because all of this is to achieve our goals this year, which last year we all had things to achieve this year, of course. Indeed there is nothing so special but the New Year's moment which is celebrated with family and friends, but this will certainly leave our precious moments with them and manor we will not meet them in the following year, at least this year we have been happy they and sometimes they are also the reminders for us to keep us excited to live the days of this new year. For better years, of course, we have to start with the first days full of enthusiasm, full of ambition, and also have a strong desire to achieve our goals. Even though this is a little hard to do, with seriousness and determination, of course, everything can be achieved perfectly.

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