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The 26th week has just ended and we are about to enter the 27th week. There was a lot of excitement in the 26th week and it was proven by the many participants who took part in the contest and they also gave their best posts in the 26th week of the contest. The 27th week will also be very exciting, where this week will also be filled with various exciting and interesting contest titles to discuss, and I'm sure this week will be an interesting week like the previous weeks and I'm sure there will definitely be many participants who take part in the contest this week. this 27th. This week we will discuss the first thing we do, we may not want to do it but after we do it we will learn valuable lessons that we don't know, of course things like that often happen to us, and I also have a story. about it. Therefore, read carefully my story about it this time.


Many things can be the first thing and that we feel or experience in this world and sometimes we never even think about it but we are just about to do it. We as humans who often interact and often explore, we will sometimes be faced with things that we have not experienced and sometimes we feel confused about it and think how to solve it.
A thing or action that we do for the first time we have never even studied before and this just happens without a plan. Of course, an incident like this will make anyone will do things that are on their minds spontaneously to solve it and if we pay attention, this requires us to use our own instincts. Instinct itself is a thought or action to make a decision without us having to learn it first. Therefore, instinct sometimes works as a last resort if we are in danger, by following it we may be saved. I myself rarely do anything carelessly before I know, study, or even know it. I did it to avoid bad things that happened to me and as a form of anticipation of something negative. However, I also did something spontaneous for the first time before I learned it and I still remember it very well.


It was the first time I went on a long night trip alone on my motorcycle. At that time I was still in high school, and my trip at that time was my first trip by motorbike in the long distance that I usually took by car. For us in Indonesia, there are certain beliefs that forbid traveling long distances alone at night, maybe because it's dangerous or something. I also have the same belief, even so I still do it then for a very important thing.

To avoid things that are not desirable, I honk at every bend and tunnel which at that time was very quiet and dark, I spontaneously did it because it has become a habit of mine when riding my motorcycle even though I don't know what's in it for honking in lonely streets or tunnels at night. I do it almost every trip and I keep spontaneously honking a few times as I pass through corners, bridges and deserted tunnels even though I know no vehicles will pass from there in the middle of the night.


This night trip I did made me a little nervous and I had to stay awake so I didn't go the wrong way. The quiet atmosphere and I was driving alone, of course, made me stay alert and ready to go with the vehicle that I was driving very fast. And all I did along the way was honk the horn at every quiet corner and tunnel.
I do this on my own instinct just in case there are objects that will pass around every corner and tunnel when my motorbike is speeding and at least they will notice. I also do it just in case if anyone wants to cross to wait for me to pass, because maybe they don't see me because my motorcycle headlights at that time are not very bright and and every corner will be blocked by other objects.

At a very thin bend, there was a car that was about to cross, because he thought there was no vehicle behind him because every light from the light before approaching the bend would be blocked by the building beside him. Because of my habit of honking the horn when going through corners, the car stopped suddenly when I was about to cross and I was a little surprised when I saw a car that was about to cross because most of the road was almost covered by a large car, there was little room for me to pass at the front that car.


After I passed the car in a reflex and surprised state, I was grateful that the car heard my horn and stopped, so I could still pass it and I didn't hit it at such a fast speed. I also thought that if I didn't honk, maybe he would still cross and I would hit him from the side and that's certainly not what I wanted. Luckily I still survived because of my horn and now I will always do it especially at night when it is very dark and vehicle light will definitely be limited to illuminate the entire road and for other motorists to see.

This incident will never go away from my memory, and I always apply it when I drive until my friends always ask me why I have to honk the horn on a deserted street. Maybe they don't know what it's used for, and I understand. This incident taught me a very important lesson when driving, and I didn't even learn it during the driving test at the place where I was issued a driving license. Things like this will come through a strong instinct for something, and is an action to prevent or avoid us from everything that might threaten our lives.
And this is a valuable lesson I learned from myself...

That was the first time I did the first thing I did and I never even knew it would work and even save my life. Hopefully this will be an experience for you, thank you and see you in another post.

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