Computer engineering

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I didn't study the course I wanted. What made me went for another was the difficulty of getting admission into Unilorin. I passed jamb twice beating the cu off mark for medicine but I wasn't admitted. My mates are already in 200 level and those that went to polytechich were about to go for their industrial training and I'm there crying to become a medical doctor. Though it's nice to fight for what you desire, I let go of medicine and focus on another path. I went for Computer Engineering


When I made up my mind to let go of medicine, I decided to go into tech because the world now revolve around it. Having little or no knowledge about computer at that time made me want to really know what the device is capable of apart from hearing what it does. I wanted to be a computer man. I wanted to work on a system and not on human. It was a total change of mind. Also, I hear people talk about the computer intelligence and some people believe it's more intelligent than man. All these were some of the reason I diverted my mind to study computer engineering. And besides, a few school offer the course then. I graduated in a class of 17 for you to know how scanty we were, so I see it as hot cake. (Anyone can learn it on the street now though) 😂. But still, going through the indeph would always make a difference because it's beyond computer repair. Also, you should know I wouldn't go for something that won't pay on the long run. We all go to school to learn what will fetch us money after graduating

So what is a computer?

A Computer is a course treated at every level in school nowadays. Please, that's not the defination of a computer. I'm only trying to explain that a kid in basic class knows what a computer is

Any electronic device that makes work easier is called a computer

"I didn't do computer in basic and high school. It wasn't in the school curriculum (truly) so permit me to give that basic definition. Lol"

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When it comes to the design and the implementation of software and hardware components of any equipment controlled by the computer, computer engineering should come to mind. Computer engineering course has a lot to do with computer science, Mathematics and, electrical electronic engineering because they are all grounded in computing. Computer engineering has several branches like hardware engineering, software engineering, computer architecture that deals with robotic and processing, computer networking, computer cyber security ( augmented reality, artificial intellugence) and so on. Computer engineering course would equip the student to understand how the entire computer system works in other to work easily with different softwares and have the ability to build, repair, test and maintain any computer device. When you press a button on a computer device, countless of operations has occurred before you see the output. Understanding these concepts helps in the building processes

Usefulness of computer engineering

Did you know that without the help of computer engineers, we can't be communicating right now? Computer engineers used the theories and principles of computing, mathematics and science to develop computer hardware that we use in all our computer devices today. If I say computer engineers made it possible for the world's networking, I think I'm right. The computer chips that is the main power house of every mordern electronics you can think of is built by computer engineers. Every code written for a device to work is computed on a chip and networked on a board. The phone, computer system, cameras, intelligent devices and so on have chips that makes them work as designed. I think computer engineering course has helped in bringing the world together through the networking system and the advancement and future of technology is built around it

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