The greatest heroic story ever told || Week 14 Edition 1


Hello guys, welcome to my blog. I hope you're all doing great despite the recent dip that keeps dipping. We're not going to talk about that, lol, instead we're going to talk about real life Heroes.

As the saying goes, not all heroes wear capes. Tell us a true life story about someone that did a truely heroic thing. Tell us how they accomplished it and if they are still alive today.

This one is a rather tricky one, I've witnessed someone who's done something quite heroic and I must say it is worth talking about.

I'll tell you a story, a real life story, one I saw with my own eyes and one that has never left me since then. They're some things that take you a lot by surprise and they hardly leave your mind no matter how long ago it happened.

Well, it happened around the time I was very little child, I think I was just a year older and probably the finest baby you could think of. My mom would always tell me stories of how she'll take me to go buy something and then they'll ask her if I was actually from here. I hard black curly hair and a very nice skin.

Some would even argue that I was an igbo baby , because the Igbos were known to be some of the finest sets of individuals in Nigeria so most times when they saw her with me, they'll speak the Language expecting her to reply, but to their disappointment she'll just laugh and tell them she doesn't understand their language.

Things happened that way untill, at almost one year and 3months I got hit by chicken pox. It was really disastrous for a small baby to have the pox at that time. They tried out a lot of treatments and it felt like things were going to become better.

Then one night, I died, or almost died. But my mom said I had stopped breathing and she started to cry. But my dad wouldn't have it, at that time my teeth was locked together, he prayed for a while and took a spoon and struggled to separate my teeth. It was a struggle, but then he succeeded and then I came back, but my breathing wasn't steady.

So, he got on his bike with his wife and his little baby and rushed to a nearby hospital, at that time it was pretty late, around 1am. But he got there and was lucky to still meet a doctor. The doctor was actually reluctant to check me out because he was in a hurry to go home.

My dad couldn't have that, he held the doctor down and begged him, and eventually he decided to me. They took me to the ward and laid me on a bed. The doctor took time to examine me for a while, my dad stood watching and my mom said words of prayer.

Then the doctor walked to a table and picked up an injection, put some fluids in it and walked back to where I was. Then he was about to inject me when suddenly my dad held his hand and asked him what he wanted to do. He said he wanted to do his job, but my dad wouldn't have it.

He told the doctor that his child was too weak and to receive an injection, that he should try something else like a drip or something. The doctor got angry and asked both my dad and mom to leave, furious that they wanted to teach him his job.

Annoyed too, my dad took me up and dragged his wife with him. It was late in the night, and his child was dying. He hopelessly drove home and when they got there, they found a neighbor sitting just right in front of the house. She'd witnessed when they hurriedly left the house and wondered what had happened.

After narrating the whole ordeal to her, she told them that she had a nurse friend who was actually very great with treating little children, she'd helped her treat her own child of the pox too. The problem was, she was living a little far away and surely wasn't at her shop that late.

Without thinking twice about it, my dad got on his bike carried his child and wife and drove after getting the exact address and her phone number. He drove for a while without even thinking about the dangers the night presented, they might be hoodlums on the road, or police officers who kept the night in check.

That wasn't his worry, saving his child was his only worry. Luckily for them they encountered no obstacle on the road. He got to her house around 3am, then he started to call her phone. He gave her a series of calls before she finally took the call. After explaining his ordeal, she finally let them in and I got treated.

No one died, I didn't die and my hero is still alive . You can pretty much say there were more than one hero in this story, but I'm glad I was able to tell it myself.

Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed it or it connected to you in a way, I invite you to drop a comment I'll be glad to reply❤️

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