Vruz: A common dragon promo card set to be available on march 21st!!

Hello Splinter nerds..

I was just scrolling around aimlessly as i don't really know what to do, actually i call it the lazy feeling and all i wanted to do was watch film but i was charging my phone so i just had to keep checking discord channel to feed my eyes with the latest....

Just then a notification pop up on my discord and it was from splinterlands server announcing the sale of a new promo card and when i check the stats of this card, i fall in love with it immediately cos it is outstanding!


There are so many things i love about this card

Low mana: Being a 2 mana monster, this card will be good in low mana cap battles and can easily fit in....

Speed: We already have a lot of sneaky monsters but vruz is here to compete with feral spiritbeing the fastest of all, they both have same speed but vruz is better better because it has more abilities...

Martyr: This ability is the new trend on splinterlands and also one of my favorite out of the newly released ability, after vruz wreck havoc and die, his legacy would live on as it empower the monsters adjacent to it...

True strike: Every player loves it when their monster doesn't miss a target, with the true strike ability, vruz is sure to be many players favorite..


Effect of the new promo card on the splinterlands Market

Few minutes after the news of this promo card was published, there have been a sudden increase in the price of Vouchers, the news ain't far fetched... Vouchers will be needed to purchase this monsters starting from 21st of March...

Incase you are interested in partaking in the purchase of this monster... there are some things you must know..

The algorithm is based on your sps staked, for every 1 000 sps stake you have, you will be eligible to buy this card with 1 voucher....

1000 sps staked + 1 voucher = 1 card

You will need 400 000 sps staked and 400 vouchers to get a maxed Vruz...

There is also no need to rush as the number of cards based on your sps stake will be assigned to you, all you need to do is claim them with the number of vouchers required within 7 days...

Expect more voucher pump before the date of the sale!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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