Things i can't/won't do if i am offered 1 million dollars

What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul? where is the happiness in the wealth that broke your spirit and turn you to who you never imagine you could be? A life without peace where the sins of the past torment you every day and night.....


Money is very important to survive in this world, infact we need it for almost 95 percent of things we do, things we need and things we desire and hence we are always in pursuit of it...

It now looks like we came into this world to earn money, like there is no life without money! Life is cruel to men without money but even with all this, there are still somethings i will never do for money!

Although there are some things that i don't really do and it is not because i can't do them, i just don't like to do it, for example smoking I don't take pleasure in doing things that will make my health deteriorate, i mean it is boldly written on the cigarette case, smokers are liable to die young yet people still go ahead to buy it with no regards to their life..

The case become different if i am being offered a huge amount of money to do this things, Imagine being offered 1 million dollars which sum up to the total amount of 740 million naira, this is an insane amount and trust me, having this simply means i can choose not to work anymore for the rest of my life and i will still live fine with my family!


Things i won't do for one million dollars offer



This is one of the things i will not practice, forget about 1 million dollars, if you offer me the whole world i am never going to practice gayism because the thought of it alone makes me sick not to talk of engaging in it.. I will feel so dirty and i am a kind of person that i feel miserable if i do things that my spirit doesn't accept, so it is more like i will live the rest of my days feeling wretched and the money won't be able to restore my happiness or sanity....



The heart of man is wicked, if you see what some people do for money, you will almost want to dissapear from this world or have big trust issues, just last week a man was caught in possession of three fresh skulls by the police and when they ask him where he got those skulls, he said it was from the gutter, ah how can 3 skulls suddenly appear in the gutter, fear humans!

I will likely not kill people for money, not involve in rituals nor do something that will get anyone killed for one million dollars, i cherish every life even the life of animals and hence why i have never killed hen or goat because i just can't seem to face the horror... I do kill mosquitoes though because if i don't kill them they might kill me when they successfully infect me with malaria, those mosquitoes are terrorist lol...

Trade a Life

I won't trade a life for one million dollars, i have seen cases of mother selling their babies for money, people selling others to organs harvesters for money, friends giving out their friends secret that could get them killed for money and many more, i will never trade my fellow human for the sake of money, you could as well just kill them yourself, it almost the same with my second rule, just that you are not doing the killing yourself, so i won't do this either!

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