The Beautiful monster who is loved by all but also feared by all

Hello Splinter nerds

The brawl has been a great part of splinterlands since it started, it allows guild to show their strength and you can see top guilds like the city of neoxian, immortal gods, summoners tribe having tough competition in order to claim the first place in most brawl, it is always a tough competition whenever this three guilds are in the same brawl...



To make brawl interesting, Gladius packs were introduced and in them contain gladius monsters and all are blessed with the bloodlust ability which boost their health and power whenever they kill the opponent monsters... The best way to identify a gladius card is the blood lust ability but some monsters that are not gladius also have this ability but very few, i think it is just Grum Flameblade and Jared scar are the two monsters who possess it in other edition of cards, correct me if i am wrong....

There is this monster that brawlers love to use during brawl, even i love to use it... Just by saying it, am sure those who participate have already picked a monster in their heart, yea it is that monster you are thinking about lol


She is a beautiful monster
deadly on the battle ground
Loved by all
yet also feared by all

Her name is QUORA TOWERSHEAD and she is the protector of the earth splinter during brawl, she is blessed with both melee and magic power which makes her one of the strongest gladius monster

The presence of llama mage makes her invincible in battle, imagine possessing the last standing ability with the power she already has, it becomes overwhelming! So most time, i use that combo of llama and her...


Just recently i upgraded it to level 3 and the immunity ability was added so i checked the full stats and realized it has 4 abilities in total and the last one is dispel... The immunity actually is one ability i love because now i can confidently use it without the llama, my fear was it getting afflicted with poison or any other negative stats but she is unstoppable now with her immunity!


battle link

The immunity stat is what gives me the confidence to place it as my tank in this battle, it was a 13 mana battle and often opponent likes to come with affliction but now they can come with as much negative stats they want, i am safe, i had to use the epona as a support so it can repair her armor.... It was a flawless victory!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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