No miss No regret, The aim true ruleset makes it all fair

Hello splinter nerds

There are so many rules on splinterlands now, unlike the beginning when we have fewer rule set but the good thing about this is that it makes the game more fun to play but some rule set gives headache while people without all cards lose battle easily due to not having the required summoner or monster for the battle....


The Aim true rule set is one of my favorite, it means all monsters always hit their target regardless of the flying, speed or blind ability... Every monsters hit their target...... There are 3 reasons why i love this rule and they are stated below:

  • I do not have to worry about my monsters missing their target.
  • I can use any summoner i desire rather than byzantine kitty..
  • Lastly, it becomes a fair fight..

I would like to explain what i mean by it is a fair fight, in certain battles when the players use the same or almost the same team, one end up missing the target while the other doesn't miss which doesn't make it right but in this rule set of aim true, no monsters would miss and it is the best line up that would win....

I was paired with Kurt007 and the aim true rule was among the three rules of the battle...


battle link

The other two rules given was `magic reflect`` which is a disadvantage to magic monster and i predicted the opponent won't use magic or use lesser magic, i was able to use my desire splinter which is the life splinter....

The opponent used the jacek summoner with the scatter shot ability which was a threat to my team as his monsters attack is on random monsters but my team is strong too and i have 2 resurrection...

How i claim victory

The what doesn't kill you rule which gives all the monsters enrage ability really helped in winning...

I play defense and attack

My defense was using a monster with Taunt ability as tank and supporting it with a monster with the reflection shield just incase the opponent comes with yodin zaku the blast god but he surprised me with jacek instead..

I used the sneak mode of attack and i had an advantage over him abecaue when his monsters attack my monsters, they activate the enrage ability which makes them over powered to cause massive destruction on the opponent rear..

The battle became intense here because of his Arkemis the bear who possess the forcefield ability, most of my monsters are already over powered and having attack over 5 which makes it harder to take down the bear as they only deduct 1 health from him for every attack...

It was becoming so slow but with every attack, i was a step closer to victory and finally i I took down the mighty bear

The Countless sinach became weak and useless without the bear and she was killed with a single strike and i became victorious!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and ingame

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