Bollywood: Mrs Chatterjee vs Norway



This movie is emotional and educational because this is my first time hearing such a thing.

A case whereby the government of a country can take your kids from you because they think or feel you didn't take care of them well enough...

I didn't believe it at first and I had to google search it and guess what? it was a true life story!

Based on a true story
The parents said their kids were taken because of cultural differences, like the mom sleeping with her child and feeding them with her hands. Both Norway and India's governments got involved, and people in India protested outside the Norwegian embassy in 2012.

I got this from my search on Google


This movie is about Indian parents whose two children were forcefully taken from them by the Norwegian government under the pretext the mother is not taking good care of them..

Some of the offense listed was

  • The mother using her hand to feed the child
  • Not attending to the child when she was crying

and 6 more that I can't remember but they are irrelevant as the two i mentioned and it was later the truth was revealed...

The reason behind this adoption was because of the money being paid to the custodian of the kids taken from their parent, those in charge take half of it and give half to those who they give the kids...

The Indian woman fought for her kids and after more than a year, she got her kids back.....

This film is very emotional and teaches about the power of a mother and the length a loving mother can go to protect her kids.....

I learned a lot of lessons from the movie, Mothers have this natural instinct that makes them want to protect their kids, not all mothers though but most mothers have this and no one can take care of a child better than his/her mother.

When a child is hurt, the mother felt a bigger pain because no physical pain can be worse than the pain that comes from the heart.

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