5 minutes to make myself happy


Don't mind my title, i know it is 5 minutes of shopping, many people derive joy from shopping, it is another way to make oneself happy.... When you are sad, just go on a buying spree, i wish i can do this but it is only for the mega rich ones... So count me out of a buying spree😁...

Imagine going out and coming back with a lamborghini, money can't buy happiness but it can buy things that can make you happy, you can even create a world of happiness for yourself if you have enough money for it...

Time has always been endless but we are not, in every stages of life, time count for us and most time we realize we do not have enough time to enjoy life, love the people we love and engage in our passion.... All we can do is make use of the time we got well....

If i am to go shopping and pick whatever i like within 5 minutes, i already know what i am buying, but if after reading the topic and you start pondering on how you can use 5 minutes to pack all the things in the whole supermarket, you will end up picking something you don't need and you would have wasted 5 minutes of opportunity...

I like to be uncomfortably comfortable

Am i weird? is this normal? are there people who also love this?
Have you ever like to put yourself in an uncomfortable position only to derive pleasure in looking for a way to make yourself comfortable in such uncomfortable moment?

For an instant, when i want to sleep, I could turn on the ceiling fan, standing fan and Ac and end up covering my whole body with a blanket because i could not bear the cold but i love it and sleep better under the blanket......

Why did i have to turn on every thing when i could not bear the cold? that is a good example of loving to be uncomfortably comfortable😁


If i am giving 5 minutes to loot the super market

  • Air conditioner: This is the first thing i am going to pick, i am someone who can't bear cold but i love to be in cold places....A.c is quite expensive nowadays as they are selling for 100 000 naira and above, so it is worth picking

  • Refrigerator: I would pick this next, cold water/drinks affect me alot but it doesn't change the fact i love taking cold things, may what we love not eventually get us killed👀

  • Big generator: This is one of the things needed to survive in Nigeria, as our government don't want the light to finish so they are giving us small small, the generator is what we rely on....

  • Tv, Ps game, speaker, dvd player: Lastly i will pick these things, if you are wondering if i would be able to get all this things i mentioned within 5 minutes, yes it is very possible and the reason is not far fetched..

Everything on my list are gadget and you can be sure to find them in the gadget section of the supermarket so i can easily pick them...

All i picked here should be more than half a million, this is something nice to loot for 5 minutes!

Another scenario

If i am allowed to pick more than one of a particular item, i will just pick 10 Air conditioner😁, i can sell 9 out of it and use the funds i get to visit the super market another day to buy all the other things and even more🤣

Just call me Burl.

I am a gamer, motivational speaker and a crypto enthusiast

Discord: burlarj#8326
Twitter id: burlarj1
Telegram: burlarj
God exist, i am a living testimony
Giving up is not an option, every hustler has a pay day
Don't wish for it, Make it happen

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