MAGICAL CLOUDS DANCING WITH SHADOWS - A painters photos of the evening sky as it slips dramatically away into the night

One of my favourite nights this year

For those that do not know, i am rather a keen painter of sky paintings. I love skies. So Naturally i take joy in finding inspiration in the skies.
where better than on the doorsteep looking out. Mostly because that is what options i had in lockdown with two small children.

That being said... look at these skies. Who could want for anything else?

While i edited a couple of these just a tad, please dont think the magic was in the edit and not the sky. This night was amazing... all my local FB friends were posting in awe of this glorious sunset.

I have posted a couple of photos at the bottom of a couple of recent sky paintings of mine. If anyone wants to see...

my kids know me so well, when i say "oh look at the sky" they KNOW that i am going to stop the car pull over and capture it. If we are walking they grab my hands and say "this sky mummy... photo"

this ine.jpg




some more recent painting of my skies....

I paint #dailypaintings i try to paint something every single day... but i don't always manage this... But i set the challenge.
Does anyone else take photos because they paint (not necessarily because they are a photographer? )



thanks so much for looking i really appreciate all the love that i have received for my artwork over here on HIVE you guys are amazing. I'm enjoying blogging. Happy painting and happy creative and peaceful thoughts to everyone. Have a fantastic day. Or evening in my case.

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