Community Team Introduction:Date-17.06.2021


Hello everybody.I hope that all are well and doing something great.Very recently we have made a hive community - Beauty of Creativity.This community has been created from India but it is not only for Indians.It is open for every people of the every corner of the world.The main target of the community is making beauty beyond the border of country and restrictions.

To support good content and make our community large and beautiful we assigned six moderators from six different country/region.Every moderator has specific responsibilities and he is the representative of his country people who are engaged in the community.Mind it-we are here to make something beautiful so we should make a great environment in our community.

Community Team

@blacks -ADMIN [Founder]
@zrss - Moderator-Punjab
@featherfoam -Moderator-India
@oxii -Moderator-Bangladesh
@photoman -Curator
@faisalamin -Moderator-Pakistan
@ipolatjeh1988 -Moderator-Indonesia
@abduhawab -Moderator-Aceh

Rules and Regulations:

  • Plagiarism will be highly discouraged.
  • Hate Speech is not allowed.
  • English language only.
  • Not any political violence related post.
  • Cross post is not allowed.
  • Re-write is allowed with regarding links.
  • Copy & paste strictly prohibited.
  • Beauty in your mind.Take it out and let it go.



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