Time management (its hard for me )

We all want to finish our work on time but not all of us can do that. We have seen many peoples around us who are really very punctual with their routines, they are very concerned about their time. The thing is simple they do know how to manage their time, but not can do that those who are able to do that are achieving their desired goals. I am not one of them, I am not a careless person but a lazy one. I made many plans but when it was time to implement them I try to avoid them.

When I do have free time I think of a lot of things but in the end, I scroll the youtube shorts or sometimes on Instagram. Last week I did spend around 3 hours waiting for youtube shorts continuously. I stop when my battery was at 5% battery. The shorts are designed like that, if you will start scrolling that you are not gonna stop. Did this happen to you too?

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It was the year 2020 I was new to my workplace so it was hard for me to manage things on my own, but the boss does have eyes that can Identity who is gonna valuable to their company and who are not.
We all used to be afraid of our boss still some we do that, he is not a scary one though but he had made an image of us like that. If you will meet him outside of the office are going to see how he is a totally changed man. Is your boss like this too? or he is a chill man?

I was only a few months old employee at my office but my boss gave me some responsibility to me, I am not Praising myself but I was good at the work and I think my boss did notice that too. I used to ask if did get stuck on things, I think that helped me a lot to learn fast. I was in charge of a project, not a lead but I used to do that (not only me of course), there were a few more employees who used to do that too. But my boss want me to learn that work, I did understand that work it took me more than a month to learn all the things properly. At that time we do have only a staff of 7 to 8 employees, now the number is 35. In a few years, the company has shown good growth.

I was working on a project and my boss asked me in the afternoon are you sure you can do this project own your own? My answer was yes sir sure I will do that, but that was a bad day for me. In the morning I though that I can do that easily the work was a little bit lengthy as compared to the other work I used to do tha daily. I did miscalculate the time is gonna take to finish that particular project, thanks to my other staff member (who are now my friends) help me a lot, even though we did manage to find that project on that day but still, my boss was lit disappointed by my performance that day. I did realize that too.
I learn a lot of things in these years, and now whenever my boss asks me how much time this project is gonna take? I do take a few days extra for most of the projects. We do learn things slowly and this is how life is what about you? If you will do a project which is gonna take around 10 days and you are targeting to do that in 5 days then there are chances of making that particular project of less quality. What do you think?

see you in the next post, till then keep learning and keep exploring...

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