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Floods Hit Parts of North Aceh

Rain has continued to pour in North Aceh in recent times and has resulted in several areas being flooded. In addition to the high intensity of rain, the floods that have occurred in North Aceh in the last few days are due to the geographical location of the area being downstream of the river that originates from the upstream in the Aceh highlands.



In Matangkuli Subdistrict, residents have evacuated their relatives' houses or to higher ground. People are afraid to go home and if the rain continues to pour then it is possible that there will be another flood.

The water level is estimated to reach 70 centimeters to more than one meter, submerging the houses of residents in several sub-districts. Even a number of cross-district roads were also flooded.


Road users who want to pass, are forced to slow down their vehicle, and queue to avoid water entering the engine of both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles.




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