Oh My Cluttered Desk.... February HPUD

A couple of days ago I came across a post by @erikah in which he stated about the routine of a crypto trader that starts with cleaning his desk.

About a month ago I was listening to a crypto trader on Twitter, speaking about trading psychology and related stuff. He started telling the audience about his weekly routine, that always starts with cleaning his desk.

While this desk cleaning has literal meaning and implication, I thought more of it as an analogy (perhaps because I don’t have a work deskπŸ™ƒ). The question is why the work desk clutters.

There might be many reasons which can be categorize into two broader categories: either we are unwilling to let go of what is already there or we are eager to add more to our work.

The result is chaos. With a cluttered desk there is always lesser production.

We are easily distracted. The extra stuff lying on the desk wastes our time as we need to struggle for making space for the task at hand.

When I thought of cleaning the work desk, the thing that came to my mind was My Mind. Filled up with a long list of to-dos. And continuously I have been adding more to it.

Consequently, there is a lot undone, and there is a lot of frustration and dissatisfaction.

The irony is that, the more you add to the clutter the more you are likely to procrastinate. When stress crosses its optimum healthy limit, it slows down the progress.

Most of the time there is too much in my mind that I want to write on. Then there are contests I want to participate in. Then there are other duties that I am supposed to perform. Taking time out for everything is impossible.

I just keep on cooking things up in my mind and when the pot is over heated, it just blasts. Alas!

In my desire to bring four ideas to the surface, I miss the opportunity to bring even one. Everything is lost. (Lol! Now set a new work desk and clutter it again)

While setting up new year resolution, I made a goal to learn crypto transaction. One month has passed. I haven’t learnt it yet.

Though I tried open up my account on a transaction app that works in my country a couple of times. However, I failed. I have no idea why. Perhaps, some network problem...... πŸ€”

So, one task pending on my desk is to learn transactions. I hope to do it soon. In fact, I am in a need to learn it soon... πŸ˜–

There are several half-written drafts in my note pad. There are several photos in my gallery that I had taken to create a post on. There are many more topics cooking up in my mind. Uuuuuuuh! A lot of clutter, isn't it?

I need to clean the desk to get a sense of accomplishment. I think I should use this smallest month of the year for cleaning.

Instead of pondering on any new topics, I would first bring forward what is already lying there.


Well, it is the 1st of the month. For this date, on the top of my list is powering up my Hive.

I didn't power up a big amount this time, but no problem. Every progress counts.

I had 1901 HP today. After powering up 20 Hive my Hive Power reached 1921 HP.

This way my desk is little clean, isn't it? 😁


Image source from pixabay by mediamonk

The other image is a screenshot taken via my mobile phone.

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