A hero of the Nation

In the world of fiction we are so much accustomed to see heroes. They are portrayed to have extra-ordinary qualities and skills which help them fight the evils in the society. These heroes with a costume are selflessly busy in saving the people around them. However, in real lives we do not find a hero wearing costumes flying in the air or performing a magic. Real life heroes are much more brave and exemplary than those fiction ones, because the real life heroes do not have any beyond- human quality to protect them. Still they are ready to endanger their lives for the sake of their fellow beings. They are courageous , brave, highly moral and inspiration for others. One such hero in the history of my country is the former prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan.

His life is full of heroic deeds and in the recent years we have witnessed the heroism even more. He has proved himself a leader but not a politician.

Many years ago, he had an option in front of him to live a comfortable life in Europe with his wife and sons, but he denied this opportunity and returned to his country just for the sake of his countrymen. He took the pain of his family for a cause and that cause was the prosperity of his nation. He wanted to build a country which is corruption free. When his wife took divorce from him, he had the chance to grab 50% of her property (as per her country's rule) . The property had worth of hundred thousands of dollars at that time. It was his act of heroism and high moral values that he denied to take a single penny from his wife's property.

Struggling tirelessly for twenty-two fruitful years of his life, he finally became the prime minister of Pakistan. Then began a new struggle. He proved that he was a his words. He did what he said. Anti-corruption was his agenda and in this realm he didn't even leave any of his friends and supporters. The system was given a free hand against anyone (be it a friend or a foe) who was find involved in corruption. As he tried his level best to eradicate the corruption, all the corrupt elements stood against him since the beginning of his regime including political parties, beaurocracy and media because he had created hindrances in the way of their black money.

He was the one to take the case of Muslims in international forum like United Nations. Without being unpressured by anyone's presence he spoke out for cruelty taking place in Kashmir. He also spoke about the increasing incidences of Islamophobia across the globe. It was for the very first time that these were addressed on such a big forum. In this way he became a hero for all the Muslims residing any part of the world.

During and after the covid period when the whole world was suffering from inflation and many countries have become defaulters, this man worked hard to keep the economy stable. Yes, there was inflation but we have just found out after the regime change that how much controlled inflation it was during his regime.

He did everything to uplift his country. He magnified the image of Pakistanis across the globe. Where ever he went as the PM he was respected a lot because of his deeds. Because of him, the Pakistanis started getting their lost respect back in front of the world.

Then there came a time in his 3.5 years regime that there was interference from outside of the country. All the corrupt elements were supported and funded by the invisible hands. The members of the government were taken in favor by horse trading. It is shameful to say that that the justice system also proved to be the facilitator of the corrupts. During this time, Imran Khan could buy those people back by using the money held in government's account; but he didn't do anything like that. He didn't use a single penny of people for saving his regime. It is a proof of his high moral values and strong character. These are the traits that are instilled in a hero.

After the regime change, he has come in public for their support. He gave birth to a new spirit, political awareness and enthusiasm among the people. He asks people to bring more national flag than his party's flag. Today, when there is threat to his life he comes out in public without extra security. He gives speeches without standing behind bullet proof cabin. He has said several times that no body can take his life without God's will. He is a fearless, selfless and a courageous leader. He has chosen a life of difficulties and obstacles just for the sake of his nation. He is indeed a hero. A hero for not one or ten person but for the whole nation.


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