Parental Behavior and Children's Learning

Human beings naturally wants to copy other and are always in learning phase. They wants to learn new things and always be educated about everything. Just like children and kids which are always in learning mode. They do follow each and every actions of their parents and from elders.

This is what I like the good habit about kids which they don't see who tells but they follow their deeds and acting. That is why parents are advised not to talk rudely with each other in front of children because they learn how you are talking. Don't ever abuse each other in front of children because they will follow the same.


Similarly, if you behave badly with others, when they grows up they will act the same. I have seen many kids in my society which they have followed behavior of their parents. Once I found a kid who was behaving badly with his sister, later on when I get to know the same had done father with his son.

Childrens are always in learning phase, so its better to behave in good manner if you want your children to have good manners in society. This saying comes fit here that "Do good, have good". Parents are the role model for their children's because they are the ones that can change their children life.

At the early age of children, they are like sponge which they can be molded at every place you want. They are in learning phase and will following their parents acts consciously or unconsciously. They learn many much from the discussions among the husband and wife. If parents behave badly, they will follow the same.

After years, they became conscious and follow their parents how they control the situations. They learn from their parents about how they control stress moments, how they manage difficult times and how they treat themselves. As an example, a child will see how their parents dealing the situation either by yelling and getting angry.

How parents deal with situation either by calmly and rationally, the same behavior will be followed by the parents. That is why parents are advised to always deal every difficult situation with cool mind to help their children build confidence and self control.

Rather if you gave up in every situation they will learn the same. They will never grow up with confidence and instead fighting with hard situations they will keep on giving up. This is really a responsibility for the parents to grow up their children and to feed them with good manners and other positive tasks.

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