Newbies Task 1: My goals for the newbie initiative

I bring to all members of this lovely block chain humble greetings from my end at this hour of the day. I will first express my hearth felt gratitude to the organizers of the #newbieinitiative, especially @starstrings01 for taking us through the first stage of this initiative.
It is with much joy and enthusiasm that I write this blog as a response to the first task on the newbie initiative program. This post is designed to cater to certain selected topics to address in this week’s initiative task.

My partner for the week
As a member of group three of this initiative, my partner is also a member of this group and is located in the western part of Africa, specifically Nigeria. She is called Osho Oluwakemi Deborah. She goes by the user name @debby-cwm on hive. Her picture is beautifully displayed below.

My partner and I had a very interesting conversation. We opened wholeheartedly to each other, paving ways and channels for us to know and, up to some point, understand ourselves very well. After numerous hours of conversing, we all raised valuable points to help both parties respond to this week’s task.

My partner's contribution
I had a very pensive conversation with my partner on the topic presented before us as a team. We listed a number of goals that are worth achieving at the end of the three-month period allocated for the newbie initiative program. Her contribution, in summary, includes:

Creating quality content: quality on Hive is relative, as what may be quality to me may be inferior to another person. To make it more understandable, she clarified her goal by adding that "quality in this regard simply means producing content that conforms to the standards and requirements of the community the content will be published in".

Developing and growing once HP: She also added that ``the higher your HP value, the more you get recognized on the block chain, and also half of your up vote comes back to you as a reward", therefore the need to grow our HP value.

Engaging more on the block chain: she included this goal as support for a goal I suggested. It was added that connecting with powerful Hivians will require one to be active and engage in the Hive block chain more.

My contribution to our discussion
After my partner had stated all the possible, easily achievable goals, I was almost out of options, but for me not to feel like I'm being a lazy person, I had to produce goals to support what she had suggested. The first goal that came into mind after hours of thinking was;

Connecting with powerful individuals on the hive block chain: the powerful here means an individual with a higher-up vote. Being able to build a stronger connection with these individuals will eventually help you grow your HP value, as their upvote will help you attain more Hive tokens.

Secondly, to increase the size of my reputation on the block chain: my explanation was very simple on this one. I see it as, the higher my reputation gets signifies that, am growing gradually on the block chain 😀.

Most outstanding point from the meeting, according to me
All the points that were raised concerning the setting of goals on Hive were very powerful goals, but my choice from all that were listed was building connections with powerful Hivians and building HP values.

My goals for the next three months:
My first goal is to attain an HP value of not less than 300 after the initiative.
Secondly, to add five additional reputations to my current reputation.
I also want to connect to at least one powerful Hivian on the block chain.

How to attain the aforementioned goals
Attaining any of the above-set goals on Hive will not be an easy task to handle, but I believe and know that, with determination and dedication coupled with spending more time on the block chain and working hard, I will be successful in the end.

For these reasons, I'm ready to sacrifice all that I need in order to help me attain my set goals. By doing so, my reputation will also be growing.

In order to reach my set goals for the HP value, all my acquired votes would be powered up to HP, and if by the end of the 3-month period I have still not attained my set goal, I would invest the required amount to get bingo done!

Making connect with powerful Hivians would not be easy as most of these powerful individuals are not fond of publishing post regularly, but for those are much into publishing regularly, I would always read their published post make positive and reasonable comment to draw their attention to me 😀. I will also follow those people and add them to my list of favorite authors so that I don't miss any of their published posts.

Thank you very much for spending time on my post.
I hope you find it interesting and entertaining.

I received consent from my partner before using her picture, and the thumbnail was designed by myself using Canva.

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