Self-learning and teaching others is a sign of success

When a human being is born and after birth, the process of teaching him begins, first he is and his mother gives him milk, then he is taught a language like the language of his mother and father. It is taught in the same language they speak. It is also taught with fingers and gestures. The child starts growing up and after that it is taught in school. Parents teach at home and teachers teach lessons in school. Teaching continues and the child learns and settles in his mind what kind of work to do.


Then books come into his life and he reads books and gets training, be it college or university, the child learns, studies and experiences and gets everything from books. There are classes and there are so many books and everything he has to learn and remember because all this is going to be practical in his life and what he is reading and learning. In a few years he has to show that this is the purpose of his life and study

Real life starts when he completes his education and moves forward with his life and intends to do something. The fruits start coming when he does his own project and in the first project he has to do a lot of practical. is recognized and his name goes forward but the chain does not stop now he is still learning and trying to do well in the days to come and continues his efforts to be interested in every field. People learn the work and then do it and then see how it works

Girls also work in every field of life and it is considered good for girls to work, be it the field of medicine or engineering, girls work with boys and compete with boys, but arm strength is more in boys. That's why the powerful work is done by the boys, the girls can only tell and make a map, and in this, the girls learn and surpass the boys, but they do the practical work themselves very difficult, but they are experts in getting the work done. Therefore, girls are more interested in learning than boys and in every field of the world, girls excel because they learn at home and teach further. can go


This process of learning continues till the last day of life and a person leaves this world and the successful one is the one who learns and teaches others and gives the benefit of his knowledge and learning to the world and achieves success. The name is written in golden letters
And he is a successful person whether he is a man or a woman
Whether a boy or a girl, he has become successful by his own learning and by teaching others

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