This is a great one. Welcome back all my hive friends and family. The weekend is coming with the sign of good things as the rain opens the door for the weekend.


So far so good
I want to say that I am indeed privileged to be part of this great community. Hive learner's community have actually drill me to become who I am today. To say that I have learnt alot is an understatement. My life have taken a new turn since I joined the hive learners community. If you noticed if not because of network issues sometimes maybe because I traveled out of town to a place where I can't get network, I don't like missing out in the hive learners contest. I don't also like missing out in the community hangout. The reason behind it is because that is where my life is being transformed on daily basis.



Alot. I have been able to achieve so many things from what I learn every week. We have three topics each week. The most important thing for me about most of the contest is that we talk about things that affect ones life. Most times I end up discussing myself in the contest topics. We talk about issues of life here and every one must have something to contribute.

Unlike the other communities that I will have to think and think of what to write, hive learners community gives me opportunity to talk about a topic that is provided for us, and that makes it easier for me. Even though I know that some of the topics sometimes seems some how difficult for me, but when I make some research, ask one or two persons questions, I will later discover that it isn't difficult at all.


The first person that I met is @fasacity. After some months of knowing him, he introduced me to the hive community. I didn't understand him very well, so what he did was to ask me to go to @hivedeb who will help me understand better and help me write an introductory post. I felt relax at first, but met her when I felt it was the right time.

When I started hiving, the first person that gave me tough time who later turned to be a very good friend is @bruno-kema. Initially I did not know that he was doing his work by always checking on my post and complain of how I use images without sourcing them properly. At a time I felt that he just don't want me to make any post here, but later realized that he was actually doing it for my own good. Sincerely speaking I don't even know how we later became friends. Hahaha 😄. He is a very good and patience friend who will make sure that you do the right thing at the right time. I once had a very big problem that almost throw me out of the hive Blockchain entirely, but @bruno-kema kept insisting that I can scale through. His encouraging words kept me moving until I pushed through and stood on my feet again. I don't know why, but I find it very easy to communicate even my mistakes to him and he will patiently put me through.

Another person that has so much affected me positively is @starstrings01. The way and manner he handles us in the community hangout makes it almost impossible for me to miss the hangout. Any day that my network is bad and I am not able to join the community hangout on Monday night, I do feel as if I have missed alot for that day. He makes the hangout very interesting.

His posts are something great too. Each time I go through his post there must be a great lesson to be learnt. One of his post that I read recently is "Egusi soup: my surprising culinary talent // How i made my delicious egusi soup on a budget. By @starstrings01. I got laughing while reading through this post. Can you imagine a man cooking and praising himself as a good husband material? Hahaha 😄. What will the women who have been cooking for god knows how long do? I'm just sounding funny here. That post is great. Learning how to prepare Egusi soup from a man not a woman is something to talk about. He did his best to show us how to prepare a quality egusi soup.

Another wonderful soul I have ever met is @olujay. He is one of those that makes our Monday hangout very interesting too. His soft voice and the manner which he talks to people with humility. Infact sometimes even when he corrects, it comes with the humility that will make you humble too.

I can't forget to mention my sweet heart whom I have never seen before, but I know that the day that I see her face to face will be great. We only met in hive and got talking, before I know what is happening, we became good friends. @nkemakonam. Her post comes highly anointed. I love reading her post and making comments because they are so inspiring. She is indeed a true sister and a friend.

@vickoly is one of my friends whose picture use to frightened me before but no more because I can see his fine face now. Hahaha. His posts are great. Each time i visit his blog, i must go out with something that will help me for days.

😄. I can go on and on. The truth remains that I have met so many friends in the hive Blockchain entirely. I still have some of them in other communities and i really thank God for helping me join hive. I don't really know what will have happened to me is i was not opportuned to join hive Blockchain. You guys have really changed my mindset. The way I see things before have really changed. Socialization is another way of educating people to become better in life.

Another great guy I met here is @abdul-qudus. He is like a brother to me. I don't even know if i can recognize his face if we are to meet anywhere, but I just see him as my brother. I just feel that connection. All his comments are inspiring. Anytime he comments on my post it gives me joy. All of these happened because I am in the hive learners community.

Thanks to everyone who have made this possible. I love you all.

This post is made in response to the hive learners community contest for week 54 edition 3. Title: So far so good "

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