Love from me to all hive learners. Welcome to my blog for this contest on a special topic: HAS SOCIAL MEDIA CAUSED MORE HARM THAN GOOD IN RELATIONSHIPS? OR DOES IT HELP TO PROMOTE IT?


From the word "social" it is actually an avenue for people of different views, culture, background, religion, country and what have you to meet and relate. Media is also known as a channel whereby people meet through it.

Despite the fact that people can abuse it or have even abused it time without number does not mean that the social media itself is bad. No it is not. From the beginning, it was not like this, it was only because of bad people or can I say people who are also looking for a place to perpetrate their evil some times use it to carry out their evil deeds. I personally don't like seeing generalising things. Yes we see alot of evil in social media today, should we then stop using the social media? No of course. The answer is NO!! I can't stop using it no matter what happens. Is just like school. You can go to school to learn and become a better person, while some go to school to use that as an opportunity to display the evil in them.



  1. It has connected lots of good friends together. Blockchain is a very good example. Most of you in hive don't know me and I don't know you, but can you see how social media has brought us together and we communicate almost on daily basis.

  2. It has made a lot of people rich. So many students who knows how to explore the social media, have used it to pay their bills while in school.

  3. It has made the world a global village. You can imagine that we are all in different countries, but we relate as though we are living together.

  4. It has made learning easier. We learn from each other every day. Students now do their assignments without stress because everything can be found in social media.

  5. It has added value to life. With social media, life has been made easy and you just want to keep exploring.

  6. It has made buying and selling easy. Alot of things today can be bought through social media.

Yes, social media has it side effects too.

  1. Easy theft. So many youths have done more harm to the society using social media.

  2. Using of Pornographic pictures. Because of the kind of movies and naked pictures our youths see everyday in social media, we have them do things that even we their parents feel ashamed to talk of it.

  3. Laziness. Social media has made today's youth to be lazy when it comes to reading and writing. Many of them can't spell correctly and can't also read their books because everything they need is in social media.

  4. Falsehood. Alot of people have started to live a false life. In social media it is easier for one to tell lies because the person you are talking to may not be seeing you.

In conclusion, social media has caused us alot of harm, but it can't be compared to the good it has done.
The bad aspect of it maybe 3o% while the good aspect of it should be around 70%.
Let me ask you the reader, should we stop using it?

Kudos to the hive learners community for this unique topic.
From @adaezeinchrist

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