Stop The Entitlement: Nobody Owes You

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I used to starve around rich people and lost out on many opportunities in the past, because I lacked the funds to take advantage of them.

However, there are those people I know who want to help but are unable to do so. Because I am aware that their money wasn't mine, I never get angry with them not even once. Instead, I get motivated.

Even though I have wealthy uncles and cousins and I'm aware of how extravagantly they live, I do not feel entitled to their wealth. One of my cousins does claim that our uncle ignores him whenever he asks for their assistance.
I warned him that feeling entitled would only lead to disappointment because people who own their money also earned it. You have to earn your money.

Some wealthy children have sent their parents to an early death as a result of the problem of entitlement. When they ask their parents for a large sum of money and are turned down, they feel disappointed because they believe they are entitled to the money and assets of their parents.
Some young children will hire assassins to kill their parents to acquire all of their parent's property.

Due to the issue of entitlement, some siblings act terribly. For instance, If there was just one dish of food left in the family, the eldest brother refused to share it with his siblings, feeling that his entitled to the food because his the firstborn of the family. The Issues within the family will surely result from this.

However, there is Favourable Entitlement, which is founded on real rights provided by merit and a contract.
Examples include the owners' actual legal rights, the expectation that one will be paid for their work, or the desire that one will be treated with respect by friends and family.

In the Igbo culture of Nigeria, in west Africa country, the first son receives all of his father's possessions upon his father's death. He has been granted the right to do that.

To live a more enriched, successful, and proud life, it is crucial to let go of entitlement. Below, I'll go through a few ideas that can help you stop feeling entitled.

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               Hard Work

Without Hard Work, no meaningful progress for humanity can be made. We usually work hard to please ourselves.
If you put in the effort to achieve something, you will feel joy and pride that you would not otherwise have the opportunity to achieve.

Never Rely On Others To Assist You

Some people enjoy putting their trust in others, yet this will surely result in disappointment. Be self-reliant If you intend to succeed in reducing your reliance on others, and escape the terrible chains of dependency.

       Control Your Life

By deciding exactly what you want, you can also take charge of your life and remove that sense of entitlement.
Setting realistic goals for yourself and training your mind to achieve them is a good place to start.


Be happy with what you have,some people are looking up to you and hoping to be in your shoes. Put yourself, your body, and your mind at ease.

Stop being entitled, and don't forget to feed your sense of dignity and value by depriving yourself of dependency.

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