Ebooks Changed The Game

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The development of e-books is a blessing for everyone, and especially for me as a result of the numerous options, they have provided. Although there are downsides to ebooks, I still prefer them to paperbacks.

I have always enjoyed reading, and when I was in elementary school, I frequently used the local home library. The books in this library, which my siblings used, were on paperbacks. My parents are mathematics lovers, thus there were many mathematics books across the house.

I got the chance to use all of the library's books because my entire family, including me, was science students.
When I entered senior high school, I encountered a few problems with the home library because it had some limitations, so I ended up going to the school library.

        Paperback Challenges 

The school library faced several difficulties because it contained few books and was made up primarily of paperbacks. Sometimes I didn't see a lot of my assignments completed, and the library staff would explain that other students had borrowed the books but hadn't returned them yet.

Missing Pages:The library staff might not be aware of this because students are highly smart, but whenever I spotted the books I required, some crucial pages would have been torn by the students.
At the higher institution I attended, the school library experienced the same problems

Damages: There are some important books in our house library, but upon arrival, termites had largely destroyed them.
This is a significant problem that also applies to paper books.

I could still clearly recall receiving a paper book in high school to prepare for the inter-school essay competition's grand finals. I was unable to adequately prepare for the competition since the books that were in my bag were stolen.
I was heartbroken for days after that, and I lost the competition's top-rated student.
I would have studied everything online back then, assuming ebooks were available.

     Why I preferred Ebooks to 

No Visitation To The Library: I used ebooks instead of going to the library to get materials for my final project at the university. I completed my study on my PC and was able to get a lot of crucial data from online ebooks that I read.
If I had used the paper books the library has, I'm sure I wouldn't have seen a lot of research.


Saves time and cost: I can read at my convenient time and anywhere. Sometimes I read inside the bus. I don't have to make trips to the libraries of several schools to find resources. I avoided having to pay for transportation by using ebooks.

Availability of many books in one device: I can download a lot of ebooks up to 1000 ebooks on my device, unlike the ancient book. If I dare to carry 20 books in my bag at a time, everyone will be curious about what is in the bag.

Inbuilt Dictionary: I can define a word that I don't know thanks to the built-in dictionary. You can do this on the majority of devices by pressing and holding the word you want to search for. Paper books lack this feature, you will carry a dictionary along with you while reading because of unfamiliar words.

When I read ebooks, I can also customize a few features, including changing the text size to whatever size I like. The margins, line spacing, font style, brightness, and a lot more are all adjustable.

Contrary to paperback books, which can be stolen or misplaced, ebooks cannot be stolen.

In conclusion, reading from your devices involves a lot of discipline, if caution is not taken, you may not be focused.
Reduce the brightness on your computer and phone as well to prevent eye problems.
E-books have their drawbacks.

Paper books have many benefits as well, and I still use them occasionally as a source of information because certain old writers have written works that can never be replaced.

Thank You All For Reading.

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