There are some memories in someone's life that can never be forgotten, even if you make every effort to put them out of your mind. Nevertheless, you must occasionally recall the incident.

I will always remember the tragedy from a few years ago when I lost one of my siblings.
It has been precisely 20 years since this incident took place in November 2002.

When I was younger, I had no understanding of what death meant. I used to walk by whenever someone in the neighbourhood passed away and people were grieving and thought to myself, "Why are they crying, as old as they are?"

I occasionally went to the funerals of deceased family members.
I attended because they would fry beans cakes, which was my main motivation. The bean cake was always edible and palatable. After eating, I would drink some limca on top of the bean cake. I have no experience with the sadness of losing a loved one, though I'm sure the rest of the family would be heartbroken and grieved.

In 2001, one of my siblings, named(Kemisola), got married. Among the other members of my family, she was the one I cherished most. As a little boy, I loved her the most because she was generous and always gave me money, even though I have three sisters.

Even if I hadn't asked for money, she would drop some coins inside my savings box. This act made me love her more than the others, even though they are all nice. She has always been the best of them.

When she got married, I cried uncontrollably because I was going to miss her, but she convinced me that she would come for me once I had finished high school.

A few months after her marriage, she became pregnant, but before the pregnancy was obvious, she told me before everyone else. I was excited to hear that I would soon become a small uncle.

Day Of Delivery

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When the delivery day finally arrived, she safely gave birth to a baby girl, and I was delighted to meet my first niece. We partially resembled each other, and she was beautiful.

"My baby girl looks precisely like you."
I remembered When you were born and I carried you at the hospital, she exclaimed.

Beginning Of The Issue

After being discharged from the hospital three days after giving birth, my parent received a strange phone call from her husband saying that she had been rushed to the hospital. Because it was a Saturday morning, we all went there to see how she was doing.

When we arrived at the hospital, she had completely changed and now resembled someone who had been battling a deadly virus for a very long time. When we questioned the doctor about the nature of the illness, he explained that after doing a series of tests, they were able to identify the illness to be "ChildBirth Depression."

The doctor said that some women have postpartum depression, but they will eventually recover from it due to the stress and discomfort of labour.

Despite spending a few weeks in the hospital, she was told not to nurse the newborn. While she was in the hospital, the baby was with us at home. At that time, despite my mother's and my other sisters' best efforts, the baby would cry nonstop. I took on the role of the mother as well at that time, calming the baby with songs.

After a few days, she was discharged and returned home to meet her newborn baby, since she felt better. Only two days after her discharge, she felt ill again.
After being taken back to the hospital, the doctor determined that the facility couldn't handle her care and recommended that she should be transferred to Federal Medical Center.

She stayed over there at The Federal Medical Centre for 6 months, and my parent stayed with her, that time was a bad memory in the family, we couldn't eat very well at home because our parents were not settled, her baby was with us and my other sisters were taking care of her

The Demise

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I cried uncontrollably on that terrible day, and it will always be one of my most memorable moments. When I got home from school, I noticed a crowd in front of the house. Everyone was calm and sober. My eldest sister rushed to meet me when I arrived, telling me not to come to the house since mommy was back in town and that I should meet her at my grandmother's house right away after school.

People were crying and scrolling on the floor when I got to my grandmother's house, and everything was scattered. I immediately started shaking and felt weak. As soon as my oldest sister announced Sis Kemi's passing, I broke down and was unable to stand up. It felt as if I had eaten something poisonous. They sprinkled water on me, but I was still unable to stand.
After a few minutes, then I started crying and my face was swollen. I couldn't eat for three days, I lost my appetite and felt bitterness for a few days.

I will always remember how painful it was to lose a close family member or friend. It left a significant space in the family. We eventually overcame our sorrow and all of us learned to live without her.
This is a true life story!!!!

Feel free to comment, if you have similar memory!

Thank You All For Reading.

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