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Often you must have noticed that there are many things which look very strange but are quite beneficial. Many times in my daily routine, I see that there are some vegetables which are not special in appearance and taste and seem very strange to me, but if we talk about the properties of those vegetables, then they are quite beneficial. Apart from such vegetables, there are many such things which may look a bit strange but are quite beneficial. Have you also noticed how bitter the herbs are in taste, but if we look at the medicinal benefits of these herbs, how beneficial they are for us.

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Let me tell you a similar story from my life, when I was a small child, I had seen at that time that many people who were suffering from jaundice used to go to a man in our neighborhood for money. He used to work in a government office but the people there said that he knows the treatment of many diseases and people also said that there he used to cure diseases like jaundice only through tantra-mantra without any physical surgery. At first I found this very strange thing to hear, then when many people told me that many diseases can actually be cured by their tantra mantras, then I started believing it a little but still I did not believe it completely. Could have done. Then gradually my age increased and I started not paying much attention towards these things because I did not trust these things and secondly, I trust only those things which I myself have experienced or have seen on my own. It should be good with eyes and that too in full consciousness.

After some time, when I went to another city to study in college, the city water did not suit me at all, so in the college, I suffered from jaundice three times. Jaundice was recurring again and again due to which I had to stop my studies as i didn't't even able to pay attention due to health issues. After that, I consulted many big doctors but still I was not getting much benefit and I was not able to understand why this was happening. When I was drunk for the third time, I brought her to my house on time and my wife was also very worried about my poor health so she decided to take her to the person whom I just told you about. . One of my family members said that let's try their treatment once and if it gets cured then it is very good. Although I did not trust him and I was not particularly interested in such treatments, still to keep my family's point, I said, okay, we will go there tomorrow. Next day in the morning, I went to their house with my mother on time. She first saw some parts of my body like my nails, eyes and my tongue. Seeing all this, she suspected that there was a deep problem here, so she He told me that you will have to come to me every morning for the next 7 days and I will treat you in the same way, I agreed to his words and started going to his house from the next day and he used to treat me with his knowledge of Tantra-Mantra. Then soon a few days passed and they said that now you can go and get your hepatitis test done and you will find some difference in it, I did the same and I came back after getting the hepatitis test done, then when I saw the report, I was really surprised. The jaundice I was suffering from had completely returned to normal level. Seeing all this, at first I did not believe it but then after some time I became convinced that after all people were right in saying that he knows a lot about Tantrik Vidya and that is why today I too have been cured. Then after his treatment, I have never suffered from any disease here.
In the locality where i live, there are many other people like this who know this knowledge and also have knowledge about many diseases and also treat people.
Even today, many people believe in all these things and these things make a lot of difference to them.

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