No place like home…

Good day to you all my tutors and learners here on hive.

I remain this humble soul who is always ready to appreciate my existence on the surface, once we realize that staying alive is never by our power or might then we know that all we have to do in life is to thank God for his mercy and grace over us.

Life is always about timing and it’s our responsibility to know how well those timing works for us. We all have our differences and so does our way of life. Even siblings north rom the same parents have their individual uniqueness in them. So come to talk of people that just gathered together from different families and different cultures around the world.

The world is also a free place for everyone to explore. I think we are given that freedom of settlement in as much as you go the needful. We have immigration and emigration too. Still there is always one special place on each and everyone’s mind and that place is called our HOME.

No place like home. No matter how far we go overseas or over the oceans, in the mountains or into the clouds. There is always no place like home. There is this welcoming atmosphere that you will never find else except from the place called home. There was a time at school when a poem always ring in my head and touches my heart. Many times when I have missed home so much..

Oh my home!! Oh my home!
When shall I see my home!
When shall I see Native land…
I will never forget my home…

Is there really any place like home???

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This would take me straight to the prompt for the week 47 edition 3 on the hive learners community and the topic to be discussed is MY HOMETOWN 🏡.

Indeed, there’s no place like home. Thought there is a difference when it comes to living in your home far away from your hometown. Many people already migrated from their hometown where they grew up to settle in some other areas where they can get access to urban facilities.

Most times our hometown doesn’t really have to be a rural settlement because most time when people utter the term hometown what comes to our brain is that it’s a rural area.

My hometown

I am a native of Ogun state though I was born and breed in Lagos state before we migrated to Ogun state again but not my hometown. I love the way we live here in Ogun state compared to that of Lagos. I can’t imagine how I wouid be if I were brought up there in Lagos. Maybe I might still remain the same person I am. 😂 Lagos is just so rough and has that hype of the best city in the country.

When we lived at Lagos, the only time we got to pay visit to our home town is when we are on festival breaks. We celebrate our Eid festivals in our hometown. The joy of visiting our hometown once a year is always exceptional. I don’t really know why but that happiness flows differently. We are always anticipating for the day to come.

Our home town is more of a rural settlement but a little developed. Apart from the joy of reuniting with family members and celebrating together, there is always another vibes that we enjoy. The ability to see things live. I remembered back then when we went to our home town was the first time I was able to see a live pig in their pen. We only see them in books. This is a pig 😂.

Back there was the first time I will be seeing a snake, different kind of live fishes, a canoe 🛶, a large water body, and even we identified many fresh crops and vegetables 🥕.

My own image

We were able to see how a cassava grow and being processed into garri, the harvesting of a maize and processing int pap. All we knew in Lagos is to buy dried maize and process to pap. But this time around we saw a maize plant alive and where the maize cobs are found. I also saw something very strange I never seen before on my life. That was an old palm tree with two trunk. I couldn’t believe my eyes and we were told it has lived more than a century there.

Oooh what I pain I didn’t have a phone back then. Those things were just there in my memory.

It was the first time I would see an alligator 🐊 alive. 🤩. There are lot to be seen. I also saw a squirrel 🐿️. I didn’t identified it at first but after so much questions my brother got to tell me it was a squirrel. How small the animal looks like and how cunning and dangerous it is.

Oh my hometown! It became a sad moment for us when dad stopped us from going again. Now that we are grownups why won’t he allow us go again?. We started celebrating every Eid at home and not in our hometown again. That’s was sad but there is still happiness celebrating at home.

It’s been more than five years since my last visit because since I got admitted to school it wasn’t easy going anymore, but I knew that back then I will not only capture those moments in my memories I got some captures too. Haha.

My own image

This is an olden brick house that was built and partly completed by my great grandfather. At the back of it was a bakery built with bricks and there they make bread for the family then. All the buildings are collapsed now and even the bakery it self.

This made me think about life and our existence. Brick houses which were beautiful houses back then are now old fashioned and useless nowadays. So doesn’t the beautiful 🤩 houses in our faces today will one day become old fashioned and useless with time…

Thanks for your time.

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