No one will treat you well for no reason

The pace of modern people is getting faster and faster, even socializing is like fast food, and people come and go quickly. Many people are just one of the passers-by in our lives. There is no need to pay attention. In fact, who is serious about such socialization. I really lose first, but I can't say that this kind of social interaction is unreliable, and it is always people who are unreliable. So let’s talk about this topic today. Is there really no one who treats you nicely for no reason? I think this situation is usually impossible. In some cases, there are only a few possibilities. One is your lover or someone who will live with you now; two, your family; three, your best friends and girlfriends, except for this. Besides, if you meet someone who treats you nicely for no reason, then you will be suspicious. They have ulterior motives.
We all know that no one will be good to you for no reason. If so, he just wants to get more from you, maybe money, your body, or other things. Normally, a very busy person and a person who don't want to get something from you will not greet you every day.

If there is someone of the opposite sex in life who treats you nicely for no reason, then he has a high chance of wanting you. If you are a "netizen" who has never met on the Internet, it is almost impossible to introduce products to you or lie to you to do financial management. It is most likely a liar. I have met before, that is, for a while on my instagram, a lot of people added me, and I found out that they were all "good-looking" photos, and then I said admiring me, and then I waited for their performances, and the result was later They still show the tail of the fox, that is to say, there is inside information, including the investment that I can make without losing money. I said that if you really make a profit without losing money, you are already a rich man and still need to go to work? Hehe, you can lie to children, but unfortunately, I am not a child. One sentence broke their lie. Of course, on the basis of breaking the lie, I also overturned the car twice, because it overturned, so I didn't believe it even more.
In addition to these money scammers, there are also scammers, who say that I will go to bed once and give me 500,000 yuan. Therefore, the unreliable ones are never social, but people. There are also some people who don’t know each other, so they send messages every day to ask, have you eaten, are you off work? Tired? What do you do.... Generally, I don't want to reply when I see such news. It really has no nutritional value at all. I met one who used the photo of a certain internet celebrity and sent me messages every day. Until one day, I found a friend who was the same as me from the friends we knew together. The topics we talked about were almost the same, and I understood it instantly. In fact, they just cast nets to raise fish, and see which one gets the bait.

Messages to me every day. I used to just turn off the mute and didn’t block the black. If I encounter it now, I will not only block the black, but I will also report it. Is it really okay to hold my mobile phone every day and talk about it? Even if I don’t want to make progress, come to bother me and don’t want to make progress together? Who gave them the courage to think I would be fooled? At present, I have almost deleted all these people, and suddenly felt that the world was finally quiet, but there are many useful trumpets who continue to add me. I call this kind of people "lick the dog." The kind that you don't want to kneel and lick, really wipes out the good mood of the day.

So will anyone treat you nicely for no reason? My answer is yes, but maybe only 1-2 of the 40 people I met are really willing to treat you well. I hope you will have a good life and they will be really content. This kind of person should be cherished. .

Today’s sharing is over. I hope you can keep your eyes open and know people with insight, because modern people really don’t have anyone who treats you nicely for no reason. If you like me, you can give me a thumbs up or follow me! I will share the latest articles with you regularly.

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