Does anyone pleasing to the eye? This is a great wisdom


In life, we always encounter when looking at each other is not pleasing to the eye. I think this is a very normal phenomenon. So can you make it pleasing to everyone? I think it’s difficult. No matter whether it’s because of my lack of cultivation level, or I don’t have enough control over my unpleasant emotions, it’s difficult anyway. At present, I can only do not criticize others, but, There will still be unpleasant emotions in my heart.

I once saw a sentence in a book: "It’s not pleasing to look at others because you don’t have enough self-cultivation.” Yes, when you are pleasing to everyone, your life dimension is a big step higher than others. NS.

The ancients said: "You are not a fish, and know the joy of fish?"

Everyone has his own way of living. I highly recommend the book "How to live" by Kazuo Inamori. It is indeed worth reading. It also has his own lifestyle, hobbies, personality, etc., facing these people or things that cannot be understood. , To tolerate with a tolerant attitude.

It may not be the fault of others if it is not pleasing to the eye. It may just be that you can't understand it. Immaturity, always self-centered, treats all the unintended values ​​in one's own values ​​as the only one, and disagrees with one's own opinions, it is all wrong and low-level.

Maturity means allowing and respecting others who are different from you and not commenting on others at will.

When we can't understand others, don't be anxious to make judgments. We might as well think from another perspective, get to know each other more, and respect the differences of others.

The so-called maturity is to constantly get rid of the "ego", facing those things that we can't understand, instead of pointing and pointing, but trying to tolerate and accept.

Seeing everyone pleasing to the eye, it is a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of practice.

Sometimes keeping a childish innocence, keeping a curious newness, so that you can see more, know more, and understand more!

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