How to stop the current Holocaust

Friends, Hiveans, countrymen, lend me your eyes;
i come not to bury #ThePowersThatShouldntBe, nor to praise them.
i come to offer a viable solution
To free humanity from slavery!

This current holocaust using vaccinations, 5G etc. has been a plan for MANY years. See the picture below (sent to me by a friend) to see the three planned phases. We are currently in phase 2.

An excerpt from The New World Order, published by Ralph Epprson in 1989. A page in this book mentions 5G and the vaccine.

The only way i can see to prevent the #oligarchy from moving into phase 3, is for us (YOU, ME and as many of our friends and family as we can recruit) is to take action using an #equitable #anonymous #peoplepowered #multilevelconsensus mechanism and governance system to enable coordinated right action by the masses.

The only system i know of which can help us achieve this (and enable us to create together other equitable systems for non-violent & healthy food production and distribution, education, holistic-medicine, free movement, free speech etc. id The Matrix-8 Solution.

There is a game in development (Season 1 Race 1 to be announced and to begin quite soon - probably and aptly on 5th November) which will offer a fun and easy way to learn about, use (for the continued development of the game, whilst developing a Matrix-8 DApp) and share The Matrix-8 Solution. Sponsorship for prizes is already coming in, from @ecency, @pgm @valera7368 and myself.

More info. re. the upcoming game here:

More info. re. The Matrix-8 Solution here:

@matrix-8 (John) is writing a revised Matrix-8 Solution White Paper, which will be published quite soon. John's original Introduction & White Paper (from nearly 2 years ago) is very lengthy so you may wish to wait for the updated version. But you can find it here. i encourage you to at least read the first paragraph to see an example of the HUGE potential of this revolutionary governance system.

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i intend you find passion and courage to research Matrix-8 to help all beings around the world break free from the slavery of The Powers that Shouldn't Be and lead humanity into an abundant and peaceful life.

Sat Nam

All photos taken by me with Redmi Note 9 Pro (unless noted otherwise)

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