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This is a leap of faith because the end of this story isn't yet completed - nor is the third book which this one wraps around... (That will be my November project, I guess!)

Also, this cover will change as soon as I get my good computer up and running since we're still in the process of settling into our new home in Wisconsin. (That computer is where my DAZ 3D is set up, so I can't do any models until then.) The font is also incorrect, so another thing that will change once I've got my good machine up again.

The background image is from PXFuel and will probably remain the background even when I've done the modeling.

Cast of Characters

A’mara(uh-MAR-uh)sub-race of leya-talented people
Balan(BAY-lan)rebellious group of leya-talented
Neví(neh-VEE)organized gang
Adette Dellan(mention only)part of the large Dellan family
Ajabo Zurike(AH-JAH-bo zur-EE-kay)A’mara in Irola
Arya JenningsTowani A’mara, in Irola
Belmara Wolfkin(mention only)Balan, currently imprisoned
Celna Dellanexotic dancer in Hailu, one of the “twin cousins”
Ceri DellanCelna’s mother, Seri’s aunt, Selna’s sister
Chaila Mastin(KY-luh MAS-tin)A’mara in Irola, Nico’s twin
Chloë Greene(mention only)Peer Councilor for Ubre’in
Cruro Stóri(mention only)Manager of Joton Shaze Academy
Curatormysterious leader of the Balan
Davilla Haukdancing instructor at the Buccaneer
Dawn FisherPeer Councilor for Balan
Derick Aiden(mention only)filmmaker in Irola
Dustin Taylor(mention only)Peer Councilor for Towani
D’zani Kalvåg(d-ZAN-ee KAL-vog)traveling A’mara
Ek-ul ForesterA’mara in Kasago, Marosio’s chola
Elíaz Kalvåg(ee-LYE-as KAL-vog)traveling A’mara
Elmartrainer at the Leya Club in Hailu
Elskie CharrBalan in Irola, partner to Rurik
Espera Winters MartinisBalan, #2 living in Hailu, X’lea
(Espera's children)Perron, Marta
Fashi Wolfkin(mention only)Balan, currently imprisoned
Flavia(mention only)Peer Councilor
Iyva Vaala(EYE-vuh)traveling A’mara, wife of Zilan
Iyan MartinisEspera Winter’s second husband
Jacq(jak)cleaner for the Irola A’mara
Janys Tyneelections team leader in Felida, Atrua
Jaraida BerkanAtrua stella
Ja’tel Krijo(juh-TEL KREE-joe)First Husband of the A’mara
Jihm Jennings(mention only)Irola A’mara, Arya’s husband
Julleon DellanA’mara in Irola
Kega Tkulaelections volunteer in Felida, Atrua
Kivana N’jia(n’JEE-uh)A’mara abári in Kri’enden
Lataya Silna(luh-T EYE-yuh)A’mara in Irola
Lisma Knightonelections volunteer in Felida, Atrua
Marc’la ForesterMarosio’s niece, Ek-ul’s wife
Marosio Muran(mention only)A’mara from Kasago, deceased
Melia Delvint(mention only)Julleon’s aunt
Nels Coopercleaner for the Balan in Balan
Nico Mastin(NEE-koh MAS-tin)A’mara in Irola, Chaila’s twin
Obion Laugar(lau-GARR)A’mara abári in Atrua
Ory TapnellA’mara in Towani
Peri HarmonPeer Councilor for X’lea
Princess Shana(mention only)heir of Balan
Ralun Gullan(mention only)former A’mara
Revia KanraKri’enden A’mara in Atrua
Rurik Shimian(RUHR-ik SHIH-mee-an)Balan in Irola
Saara ViperBalan #2 in Aréza, Balan
Saraca Krijo(Suh-RAH-kuh KREE-joe)Abári of Terrenden A’mara
Sasky PricePeer Councilor for Atrua
Savai(suh-VAEE)stella in X’lea
Selna DellanSeri’s mother, Celna’s aunt, Ceri’s sister
Sennon TyrrillA’mara on a mission in Atrua
Seri Dellanexotic dancer in Hailu, one of the “twin cousins”
Siji Savint(mention only)Yuri Delvint’s brother
Tarja Muran(mention only)Marosio’s wife, deceased
(Tarja's children)Ervin, Tinley, Marnie and Yewan
Tilo Winters MartinisCelna’s ex-boyfriend, who stalks her
Truji Lostella on Irola
Yavin Fordtraveling A’mara
ViperBalan #1 in Aréza, Balan
Vissia Chale(mention only)A’mara in Towani, D’zani’s former roommate
Yuri Delvint(mention only)Julleon’s uncle
Yurit Dellanbouncer at the Buccaneer
Zaynen Lev(mention only)former A’mara
Zilan Vaala(ZYE-lan)traveling A’mara, acting abári


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Maps and Guides

Map of Almara

Map of Balan

Map of Kranisis


Map of X'lea


Map of Atrua


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