On A Bench - Photography

There are thousands of people on the street everyday. They are busy with their activities. I was sitting on a bench. I had an idea. I took some photos of the street from the bench where I sat.
When we take photos of the street, the result is very common. There will be many riders or drivers. Yet, the old and obsolete wooden bench will give you a unique impression. Here are the results.

I want to explore the obsolete bench. The street view is in the background.

The above photo is the application of the 1/3 rule. I took the bench as the focus on the left side. The area of the bench is around 1/3 of the wide shot.

This photo is still using the 1/3 rule. There are no riders on the street, but your focus will be on the old and obsolete bench. The surface of the wood is being broken by the sunlight and rain. It is an interesting object.

While this photo is centric, I put the bench in the centre of the point of view. Two riders on the left and the right side give a stronger impression of the bench as the center of the target. Your eyes will see the bench when you see the photo for the first time. After that, your eyes will be drawn to the left and right side of the bench. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy my photos.

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