raising pelung chickens.

hello hive friends all. How are you today! I hope all my friends are in good health and nothing less. I'm very happy that I can still meet friends in this beloved community. On this occasion I will share some pictures of pelung chicks that just hatched a few days ago.

Chicken is one of the livestock that is included in the type of poultry, there are many types of chickens in this world, from small to large size chickens. Most chickens are raised for meat to be eaten, and there are also chickens that are raised to take part in chicken contests either from in terms of sound as well as in terms of the beauty of the fur and its shape.

I have a type of chicken whose voice is very long when it crows, the shape of the chicken is big and different from the usual chicken. I got the chicken from a friend who raises chickens. At that time, I gave my son madih and then I grew up to be big or mature.

as you can see in the picture, these are pelung chicks which are hybrids from the chicken given by the friend, these pelung chicks are actually six in number but now there are only five left, which means one is dead.

Many of these pelung chicks have asked to be exchanged for other chickens or some want to buy them but I didn't give them because I still have a few, I plan to multiply them first. I'll sell them later when I have a lot.

Pelung chicken is a type of chicken that has a very long and rhythmic crowing sound and also has a rather large body shape compared to ordinary chickens, Pelung chicken is a type of chicken that according to my friend's story comes from the Cianjur area. throughout Indonesia, even in my area of ​​Aceh.

I as a chicken lover really like the pelung chicken and now I have about ten pelung chickens.

this is all I can write and thank you for the support, see you in the next post.
Kind regards

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