Monthly Payment - Curation Rewards To TLNT Token Holders - April 2021

   As we explained in our Token Introduction, we're distributing the 45% from club's monthly curation rewards to to our TLNT token holders, on a monthly basis.

   That said percentage represents, actually, around 320 HIVE/month.

   The rewards distribution is made depending on the percentage of circulating supply of the token that you hold during that month. So, for example, if you own a 10% of TLNT circulating supply a month, you'll earn a 10% of 320 HIVE, that month.

   As you also know, you need to hold a minimum of 1% of TLNT's circulating supply (10,000 TLNT this year) to be eligible to start earning rewards.

   The funny thing is that if you buy a certain amount of the circulating supply a year, with that single token purchase you can be generating income for years, since each year 1M of tokens are put into circulation and that will mean that the following year you will have less percentage of the circulating supply but you will continue to generate income as long as you do not fall below the minimum 1% required to be eligible to start earning rewards.

   Note: Please, don't confuse this Hive's TLNT token with Steemit's one, since they've nothing to do with each other although they share the same name. One was mainly distributed for free through various ways and had no curation rewards attached and you can only get this Hive's one buying it directly in the market. You can read more in our statement about our mistake placing the same name to this token than to Steemit's tribe one, here.

TLNT Richlist and Payments

   All these conditions regarding the token, its technical data, its benefits, etc., may be subject to change under a unanimous vote in favor of the Executive Board of the club.

   If you have any doubt don't hesitate to ask us about.

   Visit us on our Discord server!

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