May of Flowers' Poetry Contest Resolution - 250 HIVE in prizes - The Talent Club

Photograph by @salvao

   Welcome to the May of Flowers' poetry contest resolution!

   We have had more than 45 papers submitted to contest of wich only 38 have been accepted, that met the few established standards.

   There have been very diverse works that stood out in various fields and that all denoted effort: from an exercise in exquisite written poetry to composition of live music to recite the poem.

   To give you an idea of the level of quality of the works presented, the lowest mark that has received an award has been a 7, for the last of the second prizes awarded.

   If you ended up not receiving an award or were disqualified for any reason, don't be discouraged: there will be more opportunities in the future.

   We want to highlight the excellent work and criteria of the main juries of this contest, all with a high level of knowledge in Literature, poetry and writing, in general: @torkot, @salvao, @marlyncabrera and @iaberius.

   We also want to thank you all for your participation and your effort to highlight the talent on this platform.

   To finish: congratulations to all the winners and see you all at the next contest!


   If someone wants to know, out of curiosity, the score his poem obtained, ask us in the comments and we will answer you with the average mark you obtained.

   For any other question, doubt or clarification do not hesitate to visit our Discord server.

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